Cover Reveal Fierce-Mick by Natalie Ann

Apr 202021

Fierce-Mick (Fierce Matchmaking Book 2) by Natalie Ann

The Fierce women are at it again! Jolene, Carolyn, and Diane have gotten their children settled and it’s time to move on to their nieces, nephews, and friends of their kids. Secretly…of course.

Dr. Mick McNamara never knew what it meant to be part of a family until he met Wyatt Fierce in college. Mama Fierce took him under her wing and made him feel like he always belonged when so many times in his life he never felt he did. He’s back in Durham with the family he always wanted and hoping that one day he can find his own family like the Fierces.

Lindsey White has carried around feelings of inadequacy since her father cheated on her mother and started another family. Lack of trust in men and a stressful job finds her a virgin at thirty and no hope of changing that. Until she meets her stepsister Adriana husband’s best friend. A sexy doctor who says she is everything he always wanted…too bad she doesn’t believe it.

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