Cover Reveal Feral Sins by A.J. Macey

Jun 302021

Feral Sins (Deviants & Doves Series 3: Cut Throat Love Trilogy Book 1) by A.J. Macey

I left with the intention of never returning to the Undertakers compound…

Until one day, he comes to claim what’s his.

Years I’d left and never looked back and while it wasn’t all glitter and roses during that time, it sure as hell beat the alternative. Owned a bar, had a business partner who put up with my sh*t, everything going exactly how I wanted. Until one day I wasn’t fast enough to get away and I found myself back at the criminal enterprise I’d known my whole life.

Staring at the man who used to be my childhood best friend, but that was in the past. His great looks would never take away that he thought he owned me mind, body, and soul.

His wife and all the crap about till death do us part.

But soon enough, Cyrus will learn that I’m no one’s property.

Book 1 of the Cut Throat Love Trilogy

The Cut Throat Love Series is a mafia/motorcycle club M/F trilogy. Please note, this series is a part of the Deviants & Doves world which includes crossovers and mentions from the main characters featured in The Aces/The Cat’s Crew series as well as new and upcoming Deviants & Doves series. While you can read this book without the other series, it is recommended to experience the full criminal world.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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