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Oct 182020

Fearless (The Willowdale Village Collection Book 2) by M. Sinclair

I’d live my entire life without fear.
It helped that I grew up with a protective family that always had my back no matter the situation. It was more than that, though. It was a fearless attitude I’d adopted long before I even knew what actual fear was.
My mom, before she passed, had always told me that just because I shifted into an animal of prey didn’t mean I had to be prey.
So what if I was a fluffy teal-colored bunny? What if I owned an adorable bakery named Bunny Bites? Did that take away from my totally awesome kick-butt skills? No. No, it did not.

I was fearless in the way I lived my life, making sure that I never took crap from anyone whether it was in high school or within our pack. I tried new things, even when they were a bit scary, and I always put myself out there. This way of living had never failed me… until it did.
Something changed.
Suddenly, I wasn’t so fearless. Suddenly, the men I’d relied on most of my life, the men I’d given my heart to, even if they didn’t know it, were asking me to make a big decision. One that I wasn’t prepared to make. As it stood, it wasn’t possible for me to choose… because everything had changed in a matter of minutes.

I would figure it out though, I always had. Even if I had to go this hard path alone.
My name is Lena Graves, and I am so screwed.
How the hell did I get here?

The Willowdale Village collection consists of several standalone stories about the women that live in this supernatural town and their stories of finding themselves and love. You won’t find any dark romance here, only possessive alpha males and true happily ever afters. Each woman is absolutely unique and strong for their own reason. PNR UF Reverse Harem with +18 sexual content, swearing, and adult themes.

This collection of short stories has been created by the author in an effort to give back. A certain percentage of the first month’s proceeds (for each new novel release within the collection) will be donated towards a select unique cause.
Publication Date : August 31, 2021

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