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Dec 212020

False Augury (Traitor of Villains Book 2) by Eva Chase

I thought I was fighting to prove myself, but it turns out I’ve been duped. The traitor betrayed… I guess there’s a certain poetic irony to that.

Unfortunately, neither poetry nor irony is going to get me or the guy I inadvertently dragged into this mess to safety. I’ve got nothing left to bargain with. So when the worst of our betrayers offers us a way out, what choice do I have but to take it?

There’s a long journey ahead of us, one I couldn’t have been prepared for. One that’ll require I somehow trust the last person I want to. One that’ll push all three of us to our limits—with no guarantee that we’ll make it to the end alive.

*False Augury is the second book in a new urban fantasy trilogy set in the Villain Academy world. Enter here for magical conspiracies, an outcast heroine, and a fraught romance where she’ll get to keep both her suitors.*

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