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Jan 252021

Fall into Love (Wyoming Fever Book 3) by Elizabeth Lennox

He was a neighbor from hell!

Detective Dean Gibson constantly made Sylvie’s life miserable! All she wanted was a safe, comfortable life, but the annoying detective wouldn’t leave her alone! Adding insult to injury, Dean Gibson made her…think. Every interaction with the overly muscled jerk gave her ideas that a school teacher shouldn’t think about!

Dean loved teasing the lovely Sylvie. She was just so prim and proper on the outside. But he suspected that there was a well of passion underneath those adorably demure suits. Passion that ached to get out. And he was determined to be the man to release all of that passion!

Then Dean discovered that someone was sending creepy letters to Sylvie! All of his protective instincts kicked into high gear. If anyone was going to annoy his lovely neighbor, it was going to be him! But these letters…whoever was writing them knew things about Sylvie that crossed over from creepy to stalkerish.

Can Dean save his cute neighbor before her stalker does something to hurt her? If Sylvie lets Dean into her heart, can she trust him not to crush her heart under his annoying heel?

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