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Sep 062021

Fall (Jungle Oasis Book 2) by Autumn Archer

He’s ruthless king of the jungle fighting against a compulsive attraction to his new enemy. She’s a prisoner falling for her dangerous jailer, and the only one who can get close enough to eventually shatter his trust.

The old me is dead. My time in his Oasis has changed everything. It’s not just my new scar and pet name that gives me an alternative identity—I can feel the transformation in my heart.
Yet I’m still just a woman lost in the jungle who’s falling for a man cursed with a darkness for death. A deliciously wild jailer with dual personalities.
I was held hostage by el Fantasma and set free by Dante Valez.
But he’s not the only villain in this story.
When the time comes to finally escape, danger closes in.
Should I turn my back and runaway or prove my allegiance to him, no matter the cost?

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