Cover Reveal Eye for an Eye by Lisa Helen Gray

Sep 292020

Eye for an Eye (Take a Chance Book 2) by Lisa Helen Gray

With his brother’s focus now concentrated on his wife, it’s up to Wyatt Hayes to take the helm of the family business.
But one man’s unrelenting will to take what the Hayes brothers have worked so hard for threatens to leave Wyatt’s world crumbled at his feet.
Andrew Black has upped his game. He is determined to get what he wants and doesn’t care who gets caught in the crossfire. Not even the woman Wyatt has begun living for.
And he’s infatuated by her.
Evelyn Wilson has a secret, and she has no choice but to keep it. Despite how it tears her up inside. How it slowly devours her soul.
But it’s Wyatt Hayes who threatens to rip her apart.
More than she’s ever dreamed of.
But if Evelyn reveals her past, Wyatt will never understand. Never look at her with love in his eyes.
And despair will eat her whole.

Take a Chance series is a spin off series from the Next Generation Carter Brothers.

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