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Oct 212020

Exploring Fae (Lost In Fae Book 2) by M. Sinclair

My name is Maize.
Poisonous to the touch.
The bastard child of one very dead Dark Fae King.
A refugee of a war that freed me from my three-year imprisonment.
Eager to explore a kingdom that while not welcoming, could hold everything I’d ever dreamed for. Hope. Hope for a real future. That was if someone didn’t kill me first, due to their hatred of what I represented.
I had chosen to return back to the Horde and I knew I’d be held to that choice and the consequences associated with it. I was just hoping that the bad, whether that be in the form of the outright harassment experienced at the Red Masque Academy or a possibly much more sinister plan, would not outweigh the good.
I knew that the seven commanders wanted me here. Queen Gray wanted me here. That should be enough for me. Enough to counteract the insecurity I felt on a daily basis of not being wanted.
So for now all I could do was explore. Explore what staying meant, my feelings for the men I found myself living with, and more than anything else… exploring who I was becoming as a non-imprisoned woman. I wanted to be stronger than I’d been in the past and focus on healing from the trauma I’d experienced.
That small smidgen of hope I had was like a lifeline.

Exploring Fae is book 2 in the Lost In Fae series. This PNR/Fantasy RH is part of an M. Sinclair universe but can be read as a standalone series (feel free to check out the others as well for a more encompassing universe understanding and cameos). Prepare yourself for a strong but haunted MFC that meets men that may be the best or worst thing for her. Undetermined.
Book will contain swearing. As well, please be advised that the book contains darker themes including assault, PTSD, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18. Burn level – slow/medium.

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