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Jun 182019

Pack Ivory Emerald (The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf #4) by CM Stunich

(C) C.M. Stunich

Werewolf girl turned demigod.

Lone wolf turned dedicated mate.

I am Zara Wolf, the heir to the throne of all the packs.

I’m also in possession of a stolen faerie treasure used to tap my people’s magic for decades.

The witches want it back; the fae want it returned.

But I had no idea I was getting involved in a war between the faerie courts.

There are seven men who hold my heart, who make up my own personal pack.

But there’s only one human: my best friend, Faith Cassidy.

She’s the one link I have to my humanity, the thing that keeps the wolf in me at bay.

If the Seelie Prince wants her, he’ll have to kill me first.

War is on the horizon, but we fight my way, with cunning instead of brute force.

Even if one of my boys is a traitor, it’s not his fault.

Even if he fights for their side, I’ll win him back.

Because nobody gets between the Silver Wolf and her mates … and lives to tell the tale.

PACK IVORY EMERALD (The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf #4)
C.M. Stunich


My breath came in short, sharp bursts as I held one hand to my neck and kept the other hanging loosely by my side, just in case I needed to use it. I was still bleeding from the cut on my neck, but I could feel the edges knitting together as I took in the scene around me.
Two distinct conflicts, no easy solution.
In front of me, two demon princes circled an angel with a sword. To my right, a sea of Bloods waited with a traitor as their leader.
“Silas,” Allister Vetter said, his voice low and even. Easy. Calm. He did not sound like a man who’d just lost his wife. My eyes flicked between one problem and the next. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Vengeful angel with a sword … pack of Bloods with a werewolf to guide them.
I turned toward Allister, content to leave Noc and Nim, the two demons Montgomery and I had freed in exchange for saving his sister’s life, to the angel. They were more than powerful enough to take him on together, and I had other problems to worry about just now.
“Allister,” Silas replied, his voice rough with emotion. His father had always been cruel, so there was no love lost between the two of them, but I knew it hurt Silas to see his dad’s betrayal in the bright light of day. We were wolves; we were Pack. And a traitor was a thorn in all our sides. “You killed Mom.” There was a hitch in the voice of the Pack Obsidian Gold Alpha-Son. He’d acted like losing his mother was an inconvenience at best, but I knew better. Beneath the tattoos and the cigarettes and the bad boy smirk, there was a man with a heart that was just aching to be loved. His Mom had never given it to him and now she never would.
“Don’t stand there and act like she mattered to you,” Allister said, his amber eyes flicking across all the wildcards in this scenario: two demons, one angel, one witch, one faerie, and one vampire hybrid. If I was certain they were all on our side, I might not be so nervous about our current situation.
“She was my mother!” Silas snarled, and magic whipped out and away from us, knocking loose a large limb from the oak across the street. It fell and scattered the gathered vamps, but of course, it didn’t hit a single one of them. We weren’t lucky enough for that. “She was my mother,” he repeated and in some silent command from Allister, the gathered Bloods came right for us.
I hoped somebody had a big ass glamour for this one because we, we weren’t going down without a fight.
A woman with long dark hair and sapphire eyes came right at me, the sunlight warming her pale skin and making my stomach twist into knots. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to seeing vampires traipsing about in the sun. But I pushed my reservations aside and let go of my throat, feeling the tiniest bubble of blood spurt and drain down my skin before the wound healed completely. The boys and I would certainly make an impressive haul for Kingdom Ironbound; if they got us, it was all over.
There was no losing this battle because it would also mean losing the war.
Montgomery stepped in front of me, wooden sword drawn and ready while Silas took off after this father. That was a nightmare just waiting to happen. I shoved between my boys, even as they tried to form a protective circle around me, and took off after Silas.
“Zara!” Nic shouted, right there on my left like always. Sometimes, it felt like he would be forever in my orbit. I hoped so. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” But if I let something happen to Silas, I’d never recover. These seven mates of mine were both a strength … and a weakness.
I was halfway across the street before I realized that Harlem was with us, her cheeks pink and her eyes squinting in the sun. It’d just broken through the gray clouds above, gold bars of sunlight slanting down across the three of us.
Allister had fled back in the direction of the house after siccing the vampires on us … and he’d led his own son right into a trap. A pentagram flared up around Silas’ ankles, locking him in place at the end of the walkway that led to the house.
“Whitney!” I screamed, my voice cutting through the din with a wild sort of sound, more wolf than human. But the witch girl was still on the angel’s chain, and even though he was now busy fighting off both demon princes, she wasn’t free yet. Aeron was there, simultaneously keeping her safe and trying to remove the metal shackles from her wrists, ankles, and neck, but there was no immediate help to be found there.
Nic grabbed for my shoulder, but I tore out of his grip and lifted my wrist up, feeling the coiled magic in the black rose tattoo, frothing and bubbling inside my skin. Before I could even make a conscious decision on what I was going to do with it, magic was lashing out in a wave that I couldn’t see but that I could sure as hell feel.
The edge of the magical circle that Silas was trapped in broke, and he collapsed to his knees on the cement. Nic and I were right there, taking up a position on either side of him, Harlem behind us. She so desperately wanted to be pack … If I could give her the chance to shift, maybe she’d make a good beta? A bridge between the wolves and the Crown Aurora vamps?
Allister was waiting on the porch, behind a set of wards that I could feel like the flames of a massive bonfire, heat licking at my face, warning me that I was standing way too damn close. The way he was watching the four of us did not bring me any sort of comfort.
He wasn’t just waiting—he was waiting for something specific.
A sound cracked the air above the house just before a witch on a broom appeared.
Some clichés existed for a reason, and brooms held a lot of power. Sweeping didn’t just clean up dirt and debris, it rounded up negative energy and stored it. That’s why it’s so important to bury an old broom and buy a new one every couple of months; I wished most humans knew that. It would certainly save them some trouble.
First, it was just one witch. Then two. Then … three.
The Three.

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