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Nov 082020

Enthralled (The ROGUES Series Book 5) by Tracie Delaney

Fifty million dollars.

That’s how much my sister’s freedom cost. She’s moved on. I haven’t. I think about the horror of her kidnapping every day. Every hour. Every goddamn second.

Someone has to pay.

Yet despite my relentless searching, each road leads to a dead end.

Until a chance meeting with my secret high school crush changes everything.

She promises answers where I only have questions. She vows to support me on my quest for justice.

Except I’m on a path to self-destruction, and if she’s not careful, I’ll take her down with me.


A lot can happen in a decade and a half.

I’m no longer the shy, awkward girl who blended into the background. And he’s no longer the guy who excelled at everything.

He’s bitter and angry and filled with a thirst for revenge.

Yet despite the intervening years, those suppressed feelings of lust reappear.

But he’s dangerous, and if I allow myself to become embroiled in his desire for payback, I might just lose myself.
Publication Date : March 25, 2021

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