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Apr 132021

Disciple (The East End Boys #2) by Christopher Harlan

He called me ‘Charity’ because that’s what he thought of me—just a poor girl from the East End who existed to serve him.

Who’s he? Gage Tanner—a poem that didn’t rhyme, a punk rock song played out of key, a reformed bad boy, minus the reformed part. In high school, he split me in two: into the me that hated his sexy confidence and affluent status, and the other me who wanted to smother his arrogant flames with my naked body.

Ten years ago he left me broken, and even though I’ve pretended to move on, running into him today broke me all over again—his smoldering eyes and tattooed arms knocking my house of cards right over. There are only a few things that I’m sure of when it comes to my past with Gage:

I hate that I met him.

I hate that I agreed to move into his house.

I hate that I did all of the unspeakable things that he wanted me to do.

But, most of all, I hate myself for not hating any of what happened.

It may have been his nickname in high school, but it always suited me better, because no matter how much I tried to resist I was, and always will be, his devoted disciple.

God help me.

Cover Model: Scott Benton
Photo by Golden Czermak
Cover design by Cassy Roop

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