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May 262020

Descendant of Sin (Descendant #3) by M. Sinclair

Did my mages, my demi-gods, and I need to hold a Halloween party? No, of course not. Was I going to anyway? You better freakin’ believe it. I didn’t even feel bad! We needed a break! Even if it was for a day, a healthy work and life balance was essential… even if it was holding a bloody Halloween party and the work was determining who was sucking magic out of people like goddamn juice boxes.

Except, my relaxed plans don’t go exactly as I thought… Instead, I am left with a shredded costume, a surge of memories that I could have lived without, and two new friendships that I couldn’t have seen coming. That didn’t even count the dangerously hot connection that was growing between my men and I.

What I did learn after a trip to the Demonic Realm? We had to go to the God Realm. We didn’t have an option anymore.

Note from Author: The Descendant series will feature characters from both the Reborn series and Tears of the Siren series. It will not be necessary to read either of those to understand the plot, however they do intertwine in a way that enhances the universe. Don’t worry, no spoilers are present!

Join Nova on her 9 book series adventure! This Fantasy slow/medium burn RH contains several dark themes that readers should be aware of: swearing (I know, surprising, right?), gore, violence, assault, PTSD, and sexual themes suitable for +18. Additionally, this book does have mature m/m themes that develop over time.

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