Cover Reveal Demon Pack by Jaymin Eve

Apr 292021

Demon Pack (Demon Pack series #1) by Jaymin Eve & Everly Frost

I’m no stranger to the dark. The shadows belong to me. But even the dark can’t hide me forever…

I run with my own pack—my four demon wolves and the two friends I would kill to protect.

We might be the rejected shifters of the Vegas supernaturals, different and unwanted, but our pack is strong. Feared. Think of us as your local supernatural vigilantes.

With my demon wolves secretly watching our backs, we’re unstoppable. Until the night the first rune appears on the streets. A rune that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years, sending the Vegas supernaturals into a tailspin.

It seems that the Master of Demon Runes has returned, a demon with unlimited power to deceive and kill, dragged up from the depths of the underworld itself.

What he wants, no one knows.

Except maybe… me.

Because there’s a teeny tiny chance that my demon wolves used to be his. And an even larger chance he won’t return to the underworld without them…

Or without me.

Demon Pack is a full length (90k words), dark and sexy paranormal romance, the first in the Demon Pack series. This series is NOT RH. It’s recommended for 18+ due to language, mature themes, and sexual situations. Ends on a cliffhanger.

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