Cover Reveal Delight by Erin Osborne

Jun 032020

Delight (Legacies Book 1) by Erin Osborne

Sydney ‘Delight’ Thompson
I had to grow up sooner than anyone else my age. I’ve had more responsibility on my shoulders than anyone else I’ve ever known. I’m not a woman; I’m a mother without having a child, a provider, and independent because my life made me that way. Now, my life seems to be changing better than I ever let myself dream possible. Can I keep the one person in my life I want, or will he choose to walk away because life happens when you least expect it?
Killian ‘Bounce’ Graves
I’m the Enforcer for Kings Vengeance MC. I do my job and take it seriously. The club is my family and my life. I don’t want an ol’ lady and kids aren’t even a blip on my radar. I didn’t grow up with good role models and I won’t bring a child up the way I was. being a member of the club and working at Legacies, our strip club, I get all the women I want and don’t need any complications. Until one woman changes the way I want to spend my life. Can I keep her? Or will someone’s past rear it’s ugly head to ruin us before we get started?

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