Cover Reveal Deity by Sheridan Anne

Jun 172021

Deity (Boys Of Winter Book 4) by Sheridan Anne

Betrayal cuts deeper than any knife stabbed through your back. It slices through you and makes you wish for the sweet demise of a bullet shot straight out of Carver’s gun.

I trusted them.

King, Cruz, Grayson and Carver were not only the Kings of Ravenwood Heights, but the kings of my heart and now … they’re my executioners.

They took away everything I had. They stole my heart, and made me believe in love. I should have trusted my gut. They gave me hope and I was a fool who followed them blindly.

Never again.

I may have nothing left and not a damn soul in my corner, but I’m not nearly through.

I. Am. Dynasty.

I am my parents’ legacy and I won’t stop until I’ve taken back what’s rightfully mine.

Watch out, boys. You’ve crossed the wrong bitch. I’m coming for you, and this time, I won’t back down. This time—I’m fighting until the end.

Boys of Winter is a Dark, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and coarse language.

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