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Jan 132021

Dark Wolf (Claimed by Wolves Book 3) by Callie Rose

My existence is not a mistake. I was created for a purpose.

But what?

My false uncle’s last words still haunt me, echoing in my mind even as we bury his body. He lied to me my whole life, but I don’t think he was lying about this.

There’s someone out there who poses an even greater threat to me than Clint did.

And if my men and I are going to have a chance of facing down that enemy and surviving, I need to find a way to make peace between the two halves of myself.

The light and the dark.

The wolf and the witch.

There’s a power inside me, a force I don’t understand, and it will either bend to my will…

Or destroy everything I love.

Dark Wolf is the third book in the Claimed by Wolves series, a paranormal reverse harem shifter romance. It contains cursing, four growly alpha males, steamy sex, and a heroine who finds her strength in the midst of it all.

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