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Apr 162021

Dark Legacy (Kingdom of Blood Book 2) by Callie Rose

Rome’s dark passion.
Connor’s innocence.
Bastian’s betrayal.

My vengeance.

If the vampire court thought I’d be less of a threat like this, they were dead wrong.

Because now I’m f*cking pissed. They turned me into a monster, bound my brother to the most vicious vampire bitch in the clan, and tore away my last shred of hope.

It’s too late to save myself.
It’s too late to save Nathan.

All that’s left is to make them pay for what they did to us.

It doesn’t matter that Connor’s sweet face still makes me want to wrap my arms around him and shield him from all the evil in the world. It doesn’t matter that Rome sees past my armor to a part of me I never meant to show anyone. It doesn’t matter that Bastian’s gray eyes still haunt my dreams.

The bloodsuckers evened the playing field when they gave me the same powers they have.

And I’m going to use those powers to tear this place down.

Dark Legacy is the second book in the Kingdom of Blood series, a reverse harem vampire romance. The heroine is tough but flawed and the (anti)heroes are sexy and dangerous. If you love books by Jaymin Eve, Ivy Asher, Tate James, Eva Chase, and Kelly St. Clare, then dive right into this dark and twisted world!
Publication date : July 30, 2021

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