Excerpt Crooked Crows by Elena Lawson

Jul 122021

Crooked Crows (Boys of Briar Hall Book 1) by Elena Lawson

Unapologetically f*cked up. Heartlessly cruel. Broken beyond repair.

Corvus, Rook, and Grey – The Crows.

Bred in a world of gang wars, violence, and secrets, they rule the bloody town of Thorn Valley and all the people in it…too bad for me I’ve never been good at kissing ass or keeping quiet.

Even if their savage spirits awaken something inside of me I thought was long dead, I can’t break. I won’t.

They think they scare me, that I’ll run and hide, but the joke’s on them. The Crows aren’t the first monsters I’ve faced, and they won’t be the last. There are worse evils out there waiting to take their stab at Ava Jade Mason.

I say let them try. I’m tired of running. Tired of holding back my darkness. Thorn Valley isn’t ready for a new boogie man. Too bad I’m already here.

Crooked Crows is a dark enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance, meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.

Warning: This series contains foul language, explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of gang violence, and jealous/possessive themes. Recommended for readers aged eighteen and up. Please read responsibly.

Excerpt Crooked Crows by Elena Lawson


“You’re a monster,” she spat, her harsh tone and curled upper lip disguising the truth her body couldn’t hide from me. She was fighting the same indecision I was. Unsure if she wanted to fuck me or bite my head off.
She shivered as I leaned in, putting my mouth at her ear.
“You’re damn right I am.”
A bitter grin pulled at my lips. Fuck. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d smiled.
“You should run, little sparrow. While you still can,” I warned, unsure I’d even give her the chance to if she tried.
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I’ll swallow you whole.”


I didn’t even have time to catch my breath before he claimed my mouth, stealing whatever dregs of air remained in my lungs. His fingers twisted into my hair, securing me to him as he shoved me against the cool stainless steel. It bit into my lower back, and I clutched it until my fingers strained from the pressure, trying desperately to ward off the flutter taking over deep in my belly.
I don’t want this.
I don’t want him.
“Stop fucking fighting it,” he demanded between kisses, pressing in between my hips, making me moan into his mouth.
I released the countertop, letting him lift me with ease until I was seated atop it, able to wrap my legs around his middle. To yank his shirt off.
“This means nothing,” I panted as it fell to the floor, my voice a breathy growl.
“Absolutely nothing,” he agreed with a smirk.

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