Cover Reveal Confident Constable (Cocky Hero Club) by Anna Edwards

Mar 162020

Confident Constable (Cocky Hero Club) by Anna Edwards

Benjamin (Ben) Selby is a friend of Doctor Simon Hogue (British Bedmate) from their university days together in America. Ben never finished his studies despite his parents’ ardent protests. Instead, he returned to England and enrolled at the Hendon Police Academy in London where he passed with merit and has been working for the Metropolitan Police ever since. He’s a massive hit with the women, being tall, muscular and handsome. He knows both his appearance and job will have the ladies dropping their panties for him.

Mia Fraser is the daughter of the legendary East End gangster, Freddie Fraser. She was unhappily married to her father’s right-hand man until her husband’s untimely death two years ago. Mia and her husband had one son, Noah, who is now being groomed to take over the family business when he’s older. Mia hates the life she has and is terrified for her son’s future. She wants to escape but doesn’t know how or even where to begin.

Everything changes when Ben goes undercover to infiltrate Freddie’s gang. Will Ben obtain the information he needs before he falls too deeply in love with Mia and endangers both their lives? Will Mia find the key to escape in Ben?

The course of true love never did run smooth especially when you’ve got a gangster for a father.

Confident Constable is part of the Cocky Hero World.

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