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Apr 182021

Confide (Senior Year Confessions Book 2) by J. S. Cooper

Who knew that sending one love note would complicate my life?

Dear Hottie,
Yes, I’ve given you a nickname. Hottie sounds so much better than Doctor James, doesn’t it? I met you the other night at the bar in Clearwater. I wonder if you remember me? I’m the one you flirted with so sweetly before giving me your card. So what kind of doctor are you? Because I think I have a fever.
Your Secret Admirer

When I hit send I never thought that he would respond. I’d only lied once in the email. We hadn’t chatted in the bar. I’d been the girl in the corner, getting drunk with her friend watching the hot guy flirt with two local women as he played darts. When she dropped his card in the bathroom, I only took it for fun. One drunken email later and I was in deep trouble.

Because two things happened next: 1) Doctor James responded to my email and he was ready to play the game. 2) I saw him again. I was in his class. And I knew exactly what sort of doctor he was.

Now I have to decide whether or not to continue the charade. It can’t be too hard to be one person in person and one person online, right?

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