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Apr 182021

Confess (Senior Year Confessions Book 1) by J. S. Cooper

Hi there board,
I’m new to Confess. I’m not really sure how this works, but I’ve been a bad girl and need to confess to my sins. Is there anyone there?


Hi V,
I saw your post last night. Feel free to confess to me. I’m a naughty night owl and I’m here to listen.


And that’s how my relationship with X started. Four months ago, my two broke best friends and I created a program where we joined dating apps and lied about our careers and backgrounds to get fancy dinners and gifts. It was only meant to be for fun, but twenty-five thousand dollars and a Cartier watch later, I’m ready to redeem myself. That’s why I joined Confess, an online confession board.

I never expected to meet someone like X. We graduated from emails to phone calls, but we both agreed to no photos and no video chats. That way we could confess our sins without fear of being judged, turned in, or embarrassed if we ever met in person. It started with him giving me advice and then the light flirtation began. It’s crazy, but I think I’m falling for his deep voice without even knowing what he looks like.

Then everything begins to change when I start my new job with the boss from hell. X’s advice keeps getting me into trouble and I start to wonder who he really is and if he’s trying to help or hinder me.

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