Cover Reveal Cocky Notes (Cocky Hero Club) by Leesa Bow

Mar 152020

Cocky Notes (Cocky Hero Club) by Leesa Bow

Who thought writing ‘LOSERS’ on a menu could lead to an affair of love notes?

It didn’t start out as love. How could it when I vowed never to fall in love.

Reef Burton, the sexy blue-eyed football player, and his mates are definitely not ‘Losers’, yet writing it on a menu gave me a reason to smile. Only it didn’t make it to the trash.

He returns to the restaurant where I work wearing his killer smile. I wasn’t to know those squiggly lines and arrows meant something—an offensive play his football team learned at an earlier training session.

He’ll see what I wrote. Apart from it being awkward the next time I serve him, he could also report me to my boss.

I can’t lose my job when in hindsight, I need to pay all the bills rolling in and care for my father.

I’m thankful he kept it as our secret.

Until he left me a note.

Responding will only lead to more trouble.

So, when Mr Blue Eyes-Blond Surfy-Hair gives me one of his spine-tingling looks, how can I resist?

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