Excerpt Clash by Belle Aurora

Feb 092019

Clash, the first book of Left Turn Series will be released November 18th 2020.


Connor Clash was everything I wasn’t.
He taught me how to live.
I didn’t mean for things to go the way they did.
But Connor was beautiful, and I was lonely.
Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.
He betrayed me, and I was scarred.
Before I got the job, I didn’t know who he was.
Now I saw him every night in my dreams.
We were two people, worlds apart, holding each other at arms length.
This was not going to end well.

Connor Clash was an asshole.
And I loved him with all of my heart.

Excerpt Clash by Belle Aurora


As I approached the counter, Connor stood there, talking to the cashier.
“Yeah, I’ll take all this junk,” he placed a bunch of candy bars, drinks and gum onto the counter. “And what do have in a gentleman’s magazine? The porno kind.”
The second I heard that, my eyes widened and I turned to walk away. But a hand on my shoulder pulled me back. Connor dragged me in, taking the Twizzlers out of my hand and placing them on the counter with his stuff. The cashier came back with a variety of plastic wrapped, suggestive magazines.
My heart went from flatlining to drumming up a storm and my cheeks heated so quickly, I thought I might faint from the sudden head rush.
Connor went from magazine to magazine. “What would you suggest, my fine man?”
The mature cashier pointed to a magazine called Lux and when I opened my mouth to speak, Connor put a finger to my lips, squishing them in the process. “Sssh, baby. The adults are speaking.”
Connor looked at the magazine and umm’d and ahh’d. “I don’t know. I mean, sure, she’s hot but I’m looking for something with a certain mystique to it, know what I mean?”
The cashier disappeared then returned with another magazine. He placed it on the counter. It was called Moi.
“That’s it,” Connor said, tapping the plastic wrapped cover. “That’s the one.” He took the magazine from the clerk. “She looks like a nice girl. Helpful. Like, she’d keep her bed made but the shit she does in it would disappoint her mom. Yep,” he nodded, putting back down on the counter. “I’ll take it.”
The cashier wrung it all up and when he gave the total, Connor reached into the fridge beside up and added something to the pile then he smirked at me. “And a Yoo-Hoo for the baby.”
I felt it might’ve been an insult.
The joke was on him though.
I loved Yoo-Hoo.


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