Cover Reveal Claiming What’s Mine by Janice Whiteaker

Apr 122021

Claiming What’s Mine (Lost Boys Book 5) by Janice Whiteaker

I’m not Mr. Forever.
I’m barely Mr. Right Now.
I’ve got no business taking a second glance at Josie. The single mother is too sweet and too soft for someone like me.
She deserves a man cut out for fatherhood. A man cut out for happiness.
I’m neither of those things.
I might not be what Josie deserves, but when someone threatens her and her daughter’s safety I can sure as hell be what she needs.
A man who will put his life on the line to protect them both.
I have terrible taste in men.
Always have, clear back to the one who gave me the only thing that matters in my life.
That’s why, when I meet a man who calls himself Moon, I’m sure he’s one more bad decision I shouldn’t make.
Everything about him is dangerous, from the perfect cut of his clothes to the darkness I see in his eyes.
And I still can’t stay away from him.
Something about him makes me feel safe in a way I never have before.
And I need that right now.
Because I’m hiding a secret.
One that should make him want to stay away from me.
Claiming What’s Mine can be read as a standalone in the Lost Boys series.

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