Cover Reveal Children of Fallen Gods by Carissa Broadbent

Feb 202021

Children of Fallen Gods (The War of Lost Hearts Book 2) by Carissa Broadbent

You saw me. And when you look into the mirror, Tisaanah, you know what stares back.

Tisaanah and Max have freed the slaves of the Mikov estate, but at a heavy price. Bound by her blood pact, Tisaanah now must return to Ara to fight the Orders’ war. And Max is desperate to protect her at all costs.

But love will not be enough to save either of them from the darker forces that loom – darker, even, than the Orders’ intentions.

Entangled in a web of ancient magic and twisted secrets, Tisaanah and Max must learn how to wield the power that lives within them both. Even if it means making unimaginable sacrifices.

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