Excerpt Bury Me with Lies by SM Soto

Mar 052020

Bury Me with Lies (Twin Lies #2) by SM Soto

Stuck between life and death, Mackenzie is hell-bent on proving her innocence, and getting revenge on the men who murdered her sister. With one series of unfortunate events after another, Mackenzie must outrun her own fate—death.

When secrets unravel and lies become twisted betrayals, Mackenzie finds herself in more danger than she could’ve realized. Her only saving grace is Baz, the elusive playboy she’s given her heart to. But will placing her trust in a man like Baz be her downfall?

Excerpt Bury Me with Lies by SM Soto

My body is immobile. It feels like I’ve been strapped to a table and knives are being stabbed into my flesh repeatedly.

“You’re going to die here if you don’t move, Mack. Get up and move. Please.” I hear

Madison. Her pleading voice is distant, so far away, I can’t help but wonder where we are. I feel like I’m in such a dream-like state, I don’t want to wake up. There’s a dull throb at the base of my skull and the darkness that’s ebbing and flowing around me is calling to me. It’s telling me to touch it, to fall back and let it hold me, and caress me. With each step closer I get to that comfort, I hear Madison’s voice more urgently, begging me to listen and follow the sound of her voice. So, I do. And with each step closer, I feel it. The pain. It’s all-consuming, traveling through my body, sending every nerve screaming with agony. The stabbing of knives in my flesh gets worse, the blade is struck deeper each time, the tormenting ache all that stronger.

I don’t want the pain. I want the bliss the darkness has to offer.

“That’s it, Mackenzie. Just follow my voice. I can help you, but you have to listen to me. Please.”

Fighting past the extreme discomfort, I peel my eyes open and suck in a ragged breath of air. The smell of copper and the metallic tang of blood are what hit me first. My vision is distorted as I look around, slowly blinking the edges of darkness away, but I get the gist. I’m still trapped in the car, and when I glance down, my stomach revolts and I choke on a sob as I realize I’m bleeding. It’s everywhere. The blood stains my clothes and the material of the driver’s seat.

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