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Jul 112021

Broken Princess by Aria Keen

My life is perfect.

Or, at least it was. Every moment of my life has been planned, flawless as a diamond. The pageants, the student council, the 4.2 grade average.

Then, everything changed. My father, the man I’ve idealized for my entire life, has been outed as one of the country’s worst serial killers.

My name is officially mud. No college will take me. My former friends have ostracized me.

It’s my turn to be hunted now.

People want revenge for their loved ones, and with my father out of the picture, I’m a convenient scape goat.

Dean, Bates, and Cole make it their mission to ensure I’m receiving the punishment they believe I deserve. But when things take a deadly turn, their hatred of me is put to the test as new emotions surface.

I am a broken princess, but I will succeed—unless they take my life first.

Broken Princess is a full-length, standalone, 18+ reverse harem novel. This book contains scenes that readers may find triggering including, but not limited to, scenes of bullying and violence.

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