Cover Reveal Broken Lines by Mackenzie Lane

Oct 142020

Broken Lines (Franksville University #2) by Mackenzie Lane & R. Linda

Crew was my best friend. My childhood sweetheart. The man I wanted to grow old with, but he had other plans.
He left when I needed him most. Leaving me broken and scrambling to pick up the pieces while he moved on.
Now years later our paths have crossed again. He’s on the university’s basketball team, on the path to going pro and I’m held together by duct tape and those little white pills my boyfriend loves to feed me.
They hide the pain and keep my secret. The secret I can’t ever tell Crew no matter how much he tries to insert himself back into my life.
But I can’t deny the pull, the lingering bond between us. I’m tethered to him whether I want to be or not and it’s getting harder to fight with every secret phone call, every whispered word, and forbidden kiss.
I’m on the verge of breaking and I don’t know who will save me this time.

**This book contains content that some readers may find triggering. For a full list of the possible triggers within this story, please refer to this page:
Publication Date : January 19, 2021

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