Cover Reveal Boots on the Ground by April Canavan

Oct 272020

Boots on the Ground (Birch Police Department Book 2) by April Canavan

I stayed away.
I stayed away for years, even though it crushed me.
Because that’s what everyone said was best.
I distanced myself from the man I love.
I moved on, or so I told the world.
Went through the motions, and smiled when I wanted to cry.
But one look at the scars he hides so well, and everything crumbles.
Tragedy won’t leave either of us alone… not for long.
I can’t do it anymore.
I’m not strong enough to stay away.
Then chaos flashes into my life, destroying everything in its path.
It’s time to face facts.
I’m forced to accept the truth I’ve been railing against for so long.
Lincoln Hayes is the only one I trust.
The only one who keeps the nightmares at bay.

I love her. That’s never once been in question.
Thoughts of her came with every bullet that flew past my head overseas.
Every night, I dream about her and what we could have had.
She’s the only reason I came home.
The reason I stay, even though the very sight of her is torture.
I want her kiss. Crave her smile. Need her touch.
But after I watched my brother die in my arms, everything changed.
I may have survived, but I’m not the same man she knew.
I’m damaged. Broken.
Kennedy Townsend deserves so much more than I could ever be.
That doesn’t mean that I won’t watch her six.
Keep her safe, even from herself.
To do that, I just have to keep my distance.
Until she knocks on my door in the pouring rain.
And every instinct I’ve got after years in the military comes roaring back.
Boots on the ground, active and ready.
I’ll take out any threat she faces.
Especially when she offers the second chance I want more than life itself.
There’s just one thing I haven’t taken into account.
The worst is yet to come, and I’m not strong enough to lose her again.

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