Cover Reveal Blazing Academy: Semester Four by Avery Song

Feb 222021

Blazing Academy: Semester Four (Academy For All Things Scorching Book 4) by Avery Song

“You said let’s play fire with fire, Alice. Alrighty, then. Let’s fucking play.”

I, Alice Blaze, never expected to find a school I’d wholeheartedly love, but even with the heightened challenges Blazing Academy delivered, I was thrilled to be accepted into an academic environment that pushed me beyond my limits.

Now it’s burning to the ground…

On the heels of tragedy, our well-deserved break turns into a full mission, one in which the Blazing Horsemen have no choice but to play with fire for the sake of saving the academy they serve. The result is heart-wrenching, but there’s no time to dwell on what’s broken because new challenges lie ahead as another death sparks controversy among our tight-knit group.

We’re forced to confront our deepest challenges as Semester Four unlocks a world of trickery, danger, and new rivals who wish to not only eliminate the leader of our Blazing pack but all those who dare to support me as well.

My patience for this Dark Organization has finally reached its limit, and all bets are off as I awaken a side of me that’s a threat to our very humanity. The enemy wants to see the scorching dangers a Blazing Witch like myself can offer, so I’ll walk up to the plate and hit them with something they’ll profoundly regret.

My flames of vengeance will burn my enemies to ash.

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