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Oct 212020

Bitter Queen (Advantage Play Series Book 4) by Kelsie Rae

Diece is the right hand man to the most powerful family in the Italian Mafia.

He’s ruthless, brutal, and has been tasked with protecting me after I stuck my neck out for his boss.

That doesn’t mean I trust him, though.

Against my will, Diece whisks me away under the guise of keeping me safe, but I’m not about to exchange one prison for another.

When he finds out what I’ve been through at the hands of my previous captor, he begs me to let my guard down.

To let him in.

But if I do, he’ll find out the truth, and I can’t let that happen. Not just for me, but for his safety too.

He says he won’t let anyone hurt me.

He has no idea who I’m running from.

*Contains sensitive subjects that may be offensive to readers. Intended for readers 18+

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