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Oct 282020

Bite the Bullet (Birch Police Department Book 3) by April Canavan

Time to go.
Famous last words. Words I’ll never forget.
Three words tethered to the last memory I have of my brother.
Now, I’ve got one chance to lay him to rest.
To follow his final wishes.
And nothing is going to stop me.
Not my friends or family, who think I’m crazy.
Not the laws against what I have to do.
Not even a cocky cop named Dominic Ortiz.
Tall, sexy, and armed with a glare that sends women running.
Too bad I don’t have time to go to war with him.
Because I could think of a dozen different ways to bring him to his knees.
But there’s too much at stake.
I can’t afford to pay the price of failure.
And the way he looks at me …
Makes me want to break every promise I’ve ever made.

She’s a goddamn menace.
Everywhere I turn, she’s there.
Wrecking me with glistening tears and a mission I can sure as shit relate to.
I want to help her, I swear I do.
But rules are rules for a reason.
Nothing Emma Hayes says will change that.
I know she’s on a mission, but so am I.
She’s the sole focus of my attention.
A target I’ve got to watch for any sign of weakness.
One tiny woman shouldn’t pose a threat.
We both know she doesn’t stand a chance.
But while my eyes are on her …
I can’t see the threat to both our worlds.
And no amount of preparation is going to equip me for what’s coming.
There’s only one option, and I’ve got to bite the bullet. Get it done.
Emma Hayes doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine.
No matter the price I have to pay.

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