Cover Reveal Bite Me by Linsey Hall

Jul 202021

Bite Me (Shadow Guild: Vampire Bride Book 1) by Linsey Hall

I’ve got one thing to say to the fated mate who wants to kill me: Bite Me.

I’m a bartender with some crappy seer magic, a penchant for solving my problems with explosives, and a deep love of wine coolers.

Then he walks into my bar–the most powerful vampire who ever lived. The First. And he says I’m his Vampire Bride—a fated mate so powerful that my very existence changes the course of history.

One big problem though—five years ago, I buried him alive. Except I don’t remember him or the crime. Apparently I failed though, because he’s back, and he’s pissed. So pissed that he plans to return the favor.

When I realize that there’s something he wants even more than my death, I’ve got a way out. Though my magic is weak, I’ve got the skills he needs to infiltrate a deadly secret society. To buy myself time to prove my innocence, I’m going to help him. But as we get deeper into the danger, the attraction between us flares out of control. Worse, I start to have memories of the past and realize…. maybe I’m not so innocent after all.

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