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Apr 212020

Big Rod (Size Matters Book 4) by Blake Wilder

I’ve got a big advantage, thanks to being struck by lightning and left with a permanent big rod. Science and nature have made me a superhero with the women in my small town.

But I’m bored, restless, and I’ve got a big secret…

My whole life I’ve been a “dumb blonde,” which has its pros and cons.

The upside is success came easy. The downside is I fell fast and hard after I lost my job, my boyfriend, and my dignity for calling out my skeezy boss on sexual misconduct.

Now I’m desperate to start fresh in Louisiana and be the meteorologist I’ve always known I could be– until I meet the mysterious Michael and he takes me by storm…

Blake Wilder is a Pen Name and was born from the authors Erin McCarthy, Mari Carr, and Erin Nicholas
There is NO READING ORDER! They are not connected (except for being about big, hot, alpha guys and the sassy girls who handle them) so you can jump in anywhere!

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