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Apr 212020

Big Puck (Size Matters Book 6) by Blake Wilder

I’ve got a big name in hockey, famous for my stick skills–on and off the ice. But I’ve also got a freckle-faced female problem. I took my sister’s tomboy best friend to a Vegas wedding to cheer her up after a bad breakup.

Too much champagne later and I’m waking up with her in my bed and my ring on her finger. And the crazy part is…

Mrs. Alex Stone has a nice ring to it. Even though I know the name’s not sticking. My best friend only set me up with her brother to make my ex jealous. Karma, she called it. Too many drinks and a lot of laughs later, Alex suggests we elope as a lark. I’m all in. It is Vegas, after all.

I call timeout after the not-so-fake honeymoon, but Alex says we’re going into overtime.

Game on.

Blake Wilder is a Pen Name and was born from the authors Erin McCarthy, Mari Carr, and Erin Nicholas
There is NO READING ORDER! They are not connected (except for being about big, hot, alpha guys and the sassy girls who handle them) so you can jump in anywhere!

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