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Apr 212020

Big Hose (Size Matters Book 2) by Blake Wilder


I have a big reputation, a big fire truck and a big hose…one that doesn’t hook up to a hydrant. Men in town envy me. Who wouldn’t? I’ve got women lining up to slide down my pole. I’m living a bachelor’s dream.

And then a new girl moves into town…and suddenly everything I’ve always thought about relationships goes up in flames.


I’ve moved halfway across the country for a new start after being burned by a charming bad boy.

I have two goals. Thirty minutes of set-the-sheets-on-fire sex to relieve me of my near-virgin status. Then I get serious about finding the perfect dad for my son.

And all that will work out perfectly when my foolish heart stops wanting the same thing as my va-jay-jay…the notorious playboy in town.

For women who fantasize about dirty-talking, cocky, larger than life, alpha heroes with BIG………egos. What did you think I was going to say?

A Size Matters story.

Blake Wilder is a Pen Name and was born from the authors Erin McCarthy, Mari Carr, and Erin Nicholas
There is NO READING ORDER! They are not connected (except for being about big, hot, alpha guys and the sassy girls who handle them) so you can jump in anywhere!

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