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Apr 212020

Big Deck (Size Matters Book 5) by Blake Wilder

I have a big appetite for beautiful things—art, jewels, stuff like that. Even when they belong to someone else. I call it “reappropriating ill-gotten wealth.” The FBI calls it stealing. They don’t seem to care that I only take stuff from douchebags. Or that I give most of it away. But I’m going straight now. I got a huge reduction on my sentence for helping the feds with some high-profile cases. I just have to toe the line for a couple of years and I’m scott free.

Then I sit down at a poker table across from her…

I’ve always been drawn to men with big decks. Especially when they know how to use them. Yes, I’m talking about poker. I grew up in Vegas and I have a little, um, problem. Gambling is my kryptonite. I went cold turkey and got out of Sin City seven years ago, but now I’m in town because my mom’s ex-husband stole a painting from her. I’m going to get it back and I have the perfect plan. Until I take an especially risky gamble. And lose. Now I owe Declan Black and he wants…me.

Fate has just dealt me a very interesting hand.

Blake Wilder is a Pen Name and was born from the authors Erin McCarthy, Mari Carr, and Erin Nicholas
There is NO READING ORDER! They are not connected (except for being about big, hot, alpha guys and the sassy girls who handle them) so you can jump in anywhere!

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