Excerpt Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild

Mar 042020

Beyond His Control (His Duet #2) by Clarissa Wild

Her heart. Her duty.

My biggest mistake was seeking out Noah.
He wants to own me.
Ruin me.
He took me to his home, a community he rules called ‘The Family’.
Just so I could become his wife.
When I find out who he truly is … who I’m supposed to be…
I run.
But this man is no man you could ever run from.
This man will come to claim my heart… forever.

Beyond His Control is the sequel to the exciting Dark Romance & Psychological Suspense Under His Rule by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This is the last installment in this duet.

WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Excerpt Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild

At nightfall, I go to her home.
I’ve always known where it was, but I wanted to forge a plan first so we could capture both girls and bring them back alive, and unharmed. Unfortunately, there’s no time for that anymore. The guy probably already took Emmy, which means Natalie knows we’re here … and that I’m coming for her.
No time to waste. I have to act now.
I ring a random door bell and wait until a stranger picks up his phone.
“Hi, I have a delivery for you,” I lie.
The guy presses the button and the door to the building opens up. Too easy.
I go in and run up the flight of stairs, just in time before the man whose door I rang walks outside to wait for his non-existing package. I’m already out of sight, and I quickly go up to her apartment door.
I wonder if she’s home.
Without waiting, I ring the doorbell.
No one opens up. Guess not.
Fuck. I hope she hasn’t run already. But it’s worth waiting, maybe she’ll come back.
I fish out the key I stole from her the moment we took her and stick it into her door. It opens with ease and I step inside and look around. I’ve never taken a proper look. The last time I was here it was solely to use her laptop to announce to her job she’d quit and to tell her landlord in writing that she’d be vacating the place.
I would’ve never guessed I’d actually come back here. Or her.
She’s clearly been here, as there’s stuff all over the place, blankets, clothes, water dripping from the faucet, used cups. I guess she ran off in a hurry … but to do what?
I look around the place and notice the door opposite to the bathroom is open. What’s inside immediately captures my attention. A changing station … and a crib?
Her scar.
Of course.
Why didn’t it dawn on me sooner?
A smirk spreads across my lips as I slide my hand across the table and touch the butterflies on the wall. Cute. Exactly how I imagined she’d decorate a room meant for her child.
But where is the child? And why does this room look like it’s been perpetually stuck in time?
No wonder she refused to tell me about the scar on her belly. She’s afraid I’d use it against her … or worse … that I’d find her kid and use him to keep her with me.
I don’t blame her. I would’ve done the same thing if I was her.
Family above all.
Suddenly, the front door creaks, and I spin on my heels and look.
There she is, hazily walking through her apartment as though she’s lost in thought. But the minute she spots me from the corner of her eyes she stops in her tracks. Her pupils dilate as she turns her head. The shock on her face is exhilarating.
“Hello Natalie,” I say with a grin. “I’m so glad I finally found you.”

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