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Jan 142021

Backroom Boy (All American Boy Series) by Marika Ray

Getting mixed up with the boss’s daughter was never advised, but this winery heiress has a rebellious streak that makes me want to break all the rules.


With dreams of owning my own winery, I moved to Merlot, California for the summer to learn about the winemaking business from a local winery. I would need to seize this opportunity if I stood a chance of succeeding on my own. Then the owner’s beautiful daughter came home from college. Her job? To work alongside me. Suddenly I have problems remembering my priorities.


As the heir to Black Bishop Winery, I was expected to take over soon, which was why Daddy forced me to work all summer, learning the ins and out of the winery. What he didn’t count on was me learning the ins and outs of a small town boy named Lukas—someone Daddy would never approve of.

When our young love gets tested, I’m left wondering if we can overcome the challenges our different worlds present…or were my parents right after all?

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