Cover Reveal Angels of Chaos by May Dawson

May 142021

Angels of Chaos (Angels of Chaos #1) by May Dawson & Alexa B. James

I was raised to fight the war between demons and angels. Earth is their battleground, and half-angels like me have one job:

Live for Heaven, die for Earth.

But I’ve never been big on following the rules. When I steal an angelic relic to save my dying best friend, I find myself facing down my ex-boyfriend – the worst of the angels – on a dark city street.

I can’t escape this male with the gorgeous face, angel’s wings, and nightmare soul. As he tries to track down where I hid the relic, I find myself trapped with three of his other victims: a sexy demon and my two psychopathic former besties.

But war is coming for us all. Prisoner or free. Angel or scum.

What if our only chance to survive is with each other?

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