Excerpt Altered by Fire by CM Stunich & Tate James

Apr 292019

Altered by Fire is the new book from CM Stunich & Tate James.

  • Publication Date: May 14, 2019


My life changed in an instant, altered by fire, irreparably damaged.
Just like me.
I’m a broken, damaged soul on the run from a very real sort of darkness.

My father, a notorious mob boss, either wants me back or wants me dead.
I find solace in the arms of his enemies.
Five deliciously dark men that tempt me to do things I shouldn’t.

Arsen, Colt, Weston, Mace, and Hawke.
They’re just as dangerous as the men they’re hunting.
So, will they save me, or burn me to ashes?

Either way, in their arms, I catch fire.
I burn.
And I love every second of it.

**NOTE: This book was originally published as Five Fathers by Kate Morgan. It has undergone a rewrite but the core story remains the same.**

Excerpt Altered by Fire by CM Stunich & Tate James

“You don’t have to be afraid when you’re with me,” Mace says, reaching out a huge hand and using a single finger to turn my face toward him. His smile doesn’t reach his eyes, but it’s loose and easy to look at.

“Me, on the other hand, you should be terrified to be alone with.” Arsen is leaning in the doorway, his back to the old wood casing, one boot propped up. As I turn to look at him, he licks the edge of a knife and my mouth drops open. His blonde hair is wet and hanging in his face. When our eyes meet, his grin is wicked and sharp and dangerous as hell.

My blood starts to pump, and my throat gets tight, but I’ll admit it: I’m intrigued.

“Fuck off, Arsen,” Mace snarls, that gentle giant facade falling away as he spins and spears the smaller, but equally deadly looking man with a look that could smelt metal. “Hawke’s put me in charge of protecting the girl—and that includes from you.”

Arsen just laughs, leaning his head back against the wood casing and rocking it back and forth as he quietly mouths the words to some song I can’t hear. At first, I think this is just more proof that he’s completely and utterly insane, but then he yanks out a single earbud I hadn’t noticed before and tosses the cord around his neck.

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