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Mar 132020

A Fine Romance (Aisle Bound #2) by Christi Barth

Will she turn her back on a life of wealth for a sexy chocolatier – when she doesn’t even like chocolate?

Mira Parrish came to Chicago to launch a romance store–and her quest for independence. Her first day doesn’t start well when she bashes an intruder over the head. He turns out to be her new work neighbor, who infects her with equal parts annoyance and low-grade lust.

Sexy wedding cake baker Sam Lyons put his dream of making gourmet chocolates on hold to single-handedly keep his family’s bakery afloat. If he can stop hovering over his widowed mother, he might be able to kick off his chocolate business at a gourmet food show. Oh, and ignore the massive distraction of the beautiful new neighbor.

When the press claims that Mira’s already run two other stores into bankruptcy, the buzz about her grand opening grows in all the wrong ways. Suddenly the parents and the life of wealth she’s turned her back on look promising. The only catch is that she’d have to marry an ‘appropriate’ man and give up her career. Could she give up the man she’s falling in love with… and her dreams? Will a deathbed plea from his father lead Sam to abandon his dreams in order to take care of his mother? Or will Mira and Sam find their way to a fine romance?

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