Cover Reveal 622 Rebel Way by Poppy Parkes

Jul 212021

622 Rebel Way (A Cherry Falls Romance Book 25) by Poppy Parkes

Sometimes being bad stops feeling good…

Max (a.k.a. Maxine Carter) has always been Cherry Falls’ favorite fuck-up. As manager of Fireside Bar and Grill, she’s a fixture in this quaint town, as well as the local rebel.

It’s fun, sure.
But waking up with a hangover after every shift? Yeah, that gets old.
Max is looking to make a positive change, on her terms — and without losing her edge.

But when she finds herself falling for Corbin Shaw — Fireside’s new employee, fresh from Syn City and totally off-limits — she wonders if there’s any way this won’t end in disaster…

622 Rebel Way is an over-the-top instalove romance about two rebels with hearts of gold. Come for the steamy meet-cute banter, stay for the hilarious goat shenanigans (yeah, you read that right). 😉 HEA guaranteed!

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.

The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy, sexy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

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