Cover Reveal 511 Kissme Lane by Abby Knox

Sep 112020

511 Kissme Lane (A Cherry Falls Romance Book 19) by Abby Knox


When you own the Ferris wheel at Kissmee Bay, you get to play whatever music you want, and what I want is to play love songs. My ruggedly handsome best friend Hudson likes to tease me about my romantic sensibilities, but I know he’s got a gooey center somewhere under that tough exterior. I wonder if one day he’d ever let me see that side of him, because although he’s the strong, silent type, I just know he’d make someone incredibly happy.


If it weren’t for my best friend Adalee — or Frenchie, as I call her — bringing me a huge lunch every day, I’d work nonstop at the Kissme Bay marina and I’d be starved as well as sunburned. Lately, my appreciation for her kind heart has grown into something else. I think about her when she’s not with me. I worry about guys hitting on her at the Ferris wheel. I spend all day distracted, looking forward to hanging out just so I can see her beautiful face. I’m not great with flowery words or grand gestures, but I’m going to have to take the risk and tell her how I feel sooner rather than later, because she’s a catch and there’s no other fish in the sea quite like her.

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