Cover Reveal 1019 Cherry Pie Ave. by L. Nicole

Aug 082021

1019 Cherry Pie Ave. (A Cherry Falls Romance) by L. Nicole
Caleb Ogle is hard, rough, and anything but smooth.

He tells it like it is, and at thirty-five, he’s too set in his ways to change now.

He doesn’t want a woman full-time.

His screaming banshee of an ex-wife cured him of any notion he might have had about sharing his life with someone.

He concentrates on his bar and his bike.

He’s seen sweet little Wren Walters around town.

Sure, she makes his balls ache, but she’s not for him.

For one, she’s barely legal.

Then, there’s the fact that she’s as pure as the driven snow.

That means she has the word untouchable in bright neon letters above her head.

She can tempt him all she wants.

He refuses to give in.

Absolutely refuses.

Until he comes home to finds her in his bed.

A man can only take so much, and Caleb’s hit his limit.

Welcome to Cherry Falls, a multi-author collaboration where each story is full of sweet heat and are interconnected, but can be read as complete standalones. Lily has a sexy, rough-around-the-edges bar owner that can resist anything but temptation and that’s all Wren Walters is. Get ready for a safe and sexy read, full of heat with an alpha hero and a happy ever after to make you swoon.

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