Cocky Hero Club Books – INSPIRED BY Stuck-Up Suit

Mar 222021
Cocky Hero Club - books inspired by Stuck-UP Suit

Several authors are joining Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club World. What does this mean? Lots of new books in 2020 with characters from Vi and Penelope’s blockbuster series.

Below you’ll find what we know about Cocky Hero Club World. With each cover you’ll find the title of the book the author was inspired from. We know a lot of you want to know where to find them, so we have made this possible as well.

Please keep in mind that currently are 190 authors, so this page will be “in construction” for a while. We add little by little every day, or when the authors release more info.

As a help note, please check our Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books to understand the romance language most of us use in Readers groups. If you often find yourself confused on what MC means, this link is for you.

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Brazen Player by Robin Stone

We’re both playing the game. But who’s going to win?
I should get this promotion to the executive team.
I have experience. Loyalty. Smarts.
But the one thing I don’t have is the one thing I’ve never been able to achieve: a family.
My personal life shouldn’t matter, but the executive team is filled with family men and women.
Me? I’ve had a revolving door of dates. It’s just the way I like things—casual, no-strings.
But it’s time to toss out the little black book and get serious.
I need a woman who’s feisty, someone who can handle me.
Someone strong and funny and intelligent.
Someone like that hot little brunette I see in the elevator who sets my libido on fire.
It’s lust at first sight.
Too bad she can’t stand me.

Men—the bane of my existence!
Between my nuisance ex and people who think a woman doesn’t belong on a construction site…well, they can all kiss my curvy ass.
As a home renovation expert, I know my way around power tools.
I’m taking things to the next level, renovating and flipping a condo in a high-end building.
I’m out of my element here. I can tell by the way the unit owners look down their noses at my paint-stained clothing and work boots.
Especially the snob in the suit I meet in the elevator.
He thinks he’s better than me. I certainly don’t need a snooty jerk like him…
Until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

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Mister Know-It-All by Amélie S. Duncan

Mister Know-It-All by Amélie S. Duncan
What’s a girl to do when she discovers that her boss/boyfriend (I don’t need a lecture, thank you very much!) is a cheating windbag?
Dump him and quit her job, of course.
After that, it was supposed to be the Summer of Me—a totally self-indulgent few months.
Except that I met a drop-dead gorgeous Viking with a bossy attitude.
We clashed on his arrogance and crassness, but geek bonded over Star Wars and Star Trek.
He offered himself as a no-strings-attached candidate for my get-my-groove-back sex plan, and I left because he already had a girlfriend, even if they were on a break.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
I really, really needed to find someone less complicated, but he infiltrated my thoughts.
He was hot, after all (And his towel might have slipped on purpose.) Seriously hot.
No matter how many times I decided not to pursue anything with him, he kept showing a softer side of himself.
But we couldn’t keep going like that, neither here nor there.
Some decisions had to be made.
One that could change everything.
If someone had told me how my Summer of Me would end? I’d never have believed them.
But I regret nothing.

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Shameless Chef by Gwyn McNamee

Shameless Chef by Gwyn McNamee

Only one word can describe Chef Jameson Fury…
He parades around with that sexy smirk and those fabulous abs like he’s the king of the kitchen.
Of all the places he could choose to open his new restaurant, why does it have to be right next door to mine?
It’s hard enough trying to get my place up and running without having him hovering around and disrupting my business.
Not to mention the way my body betrays me every time he’s close.
I should despise him.
But with every prank, every verbal jab, every act of sabotage we take against each other…
The tension growing between us inches closer to personal and away from professional.
Things are heating up, and not just in our kitchens…
All because of this shameless chef.

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Down ‘n’ Dirty Dog by Eve Black

Down 'n' Dirty Dog (Cocky Hero Club) by Eve Black
Sex. Booze. Shaking his d**k for screaming women…. It’s his job. His vice. His punishment for being alive. He wallows in it, doing whatever he can to fill the hollow spaces left by his grief. His rage.

Life is a numb cycle of faceless women, wicked nights, and trying to forget. He is just a body women crave, nothing more. A shell that was once a US Marine…looking for something to fill the void where his heart used to be, but nothing fits.

Until he meets her.

Until he meets the one woman who doesn’t fall for his careless charm, his smirk, his golden tongue. The one woman who brings light into his darkness. She is nothing like the women he’s met before, and he finds himself intrigued by her. Fighting every instinct to stay away, to leave her alone. But he can’t. She is beautiful without knowing it, sexy as hell, smart, sweet, and just too good for him. He knows, deep in his bones, she is the one woman who can truly break him…but you can’t break what’s already broken, right?

And what if she heals him instead? What happens when opposites attract and a down ‘n’ dirty stripper falls for a quiet ‘n’ curvy librarian.

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Reckless Recluse by Lia Fairchild

Reckless Recluse by Lia Fairchild

An island fling was the last thing I expected when I agreed to spend a month on a tropical island with Graham and Soraya as nanny to their sweet little boy. I was planning to relax with the family, enjoy the sun, and get a break from law school…

Then a shirtless, tanned Adonis runs onto our beach and into my life.

JT is mysterious, rugged, and his gruff exterior should have sent me running in the opposite direction. But something about the man excites me, challenges me to push past my insecurities. And though I don’t see myself as a “fling” kind of girl, maybe it’s just what I need to move on from my painful past. The trouble is JT has quickly imprinted himself on my soul, and saying goodbye to him is going to break me.


Going back to the island, the only place I felt like myself, was a no-brainer. Not just somewhere to seek refuge from business, family, and especially women. It’s a place of serenity…to clear my head and get rid of the anger of betrayal and figure out what I want to do with my life.

Then Mia happens, forcing her way into my heart. Like a violent storm that rushes in, wreaking havoc but ultimately ushering in a new dawn. She sees things in me I never knew existed. But our worlds are spinning in different directions, and no matter how badly I want to hang on, the force pulling us apart might just be too strong for both of us.
Reckless Recluse in a contemporary age gap romance inspired by Stuck-Up Suit. Approx. 63,000 words.

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Shameless Stranger by Hollis Wynn

Shameless Stranger by Hollis Wynn
Most people have two lives – the one they actually live and the one they dream of. For me, it’s before and after. I was living my dream, and loving every minute of it. It only took an instant for everything to come crashing down. Now, instead of being the center of attention, I try to hide in plain sight. Instead of champagne and parties, I have my coffee and my journal. And that’s how I like it.

Until Benton Riggs enters the picture. I’m immediately drawn to him and his secrets- the main one being his Jekyll & Hyde personalities.

Mr. Push-and-Pull takes me on quiet romantic dates all over the city. Not only that, he owns half the places we go to. But just when I’m opening up to him, he pushes me away. It’s infuriating–and a little addicting.

I’m falling in love with an enigma… and sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free at all.

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Arrogant Matchmaker by Rory Reynolds

What do you do when dating apps fail you?
You try a matchmaker.
New love is about to go old-school.

Olive Lively is looking for love in all the wrong places, until she goes to Ida Matches. The good news is, she meets her “perfect match”. But the bad news?

The arrogant, cocky, and unfairly gorgeous bachelor is the last freaking man on earth she’s supposed to fall for…


Growly, jaded, and burned too many times, Archer Goldman’s given up on love. That is, until he meets his match. Sassy and brash, the curvy little spit-fire is all wrong for him in all the right ways.

Or maybe wrong is the new right. Either way, one look, and I can’t walk away.

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Cocky Counsel by Samantha Baca

Cocky Counsel (Cocky Hero Club) by Samantha Baca
I’m rarely a man who mixes business with pleasure but when a beautiful woman initiates a random quickie in a coffee shop bathroom, I make the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Fast forward two weeks when that same magnificent woman shows up to my office, ready to work for my law firm as our new attorney.

Everything inside me screams I should step back and forget the girl that I haven’t been able to get out of my head, but it’s nearly impossible when she’s working in the office directly across from me. Her professional attitude and sexy attire do nothing to keep the inappropriate thoughts out of my head. But when a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former employee falls into my lap, I’m forced to walk away or risk losing everything I’ve worked so hard for.

Lust isn’t anything to worry about. It’s love you have to watch out for. It’ll bite you in the ass at the least opportune time.

Cocky Counsel is an insta-lust/strangers to lovers romance

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Insatiable Lover by Krystyna Allyn

Insatiable Lover by Krystyna Allyn
The rules of the contest were simple.
Design a new logo for Morgan Financial Holdings, wow the judges with my mad skills, and bam. I get the job.
Easy, right?
I didn’t account for the annoyingly gorgeous Easton Roman, strolling late into orientation like he’s God’s gift to women.
Acting as if already crowned champion, the jerk had the nerve to flirt with me!
(insert multiple expletives)
He may have everyone fooled, but I see him for exactly what he is.
Easton can do whatever he wants to steer me from my eventual victory, but two can play at that game. If I have to flirt back, I will. If he wants to kiss me, bring it on.
At some point in the game, it became real; our connection grew.
I thought when the judges selected the winner, it would end us. But what really shattered our relationship was something neither of us saw coming.
Expected publication: April 18th 2021

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Arrogant Savior by Terri E. Laine

Arrogant Savior (Cocky Hero Club) by Terri E. Laine
A last-minute trip puts me face to face with the most arrogant man I’ve ever met.

The pilot.

Grant King maybe hot as all get out, but he’s a grade A jackass.

Before I even board the chartered flight, his irritating and judgmental comments make me want to throttle him;

Bringing out my snarky side.

Only what was supposed to be a five-hour trip turns into my worst nightmare.

The last thing I want to do is spend anymore time with the gorgeous jerk.

But weather forces us to land in a small town I’ve never heard of.

One night in a rustic cabin is far too much, add in a road trip and interstate highway shut down,

And we’re put in close quarters one too many times that sparks heat between us.

By the time we part ways, I’m on the fence about never seeing him again.

What I don’t expect on my first day back as a flight attendant is to meet the new pilot.

Grant King.

The universe is against me.

I’m determined not to fall for his charms and be another notch on his bedpost.

He, on the other hand, sees things differently.

Though I might protest, our ending is one I don’t see coming.

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Arrogant Single Dad by Alyse Zaftig

Arrogant Single Dad by Alyse Zaftig
I can’t believe I’ve fallen in love with a single dad.

I’m not looking for anything serious when I fall into Logan Simpson’s bed. He’s the former basketball team captain and my high school sweetheart. We broke up when we went to different colleges. He has a business and a three-year-old girl named Annabelle now. His ex-wife is out of the picture, and somehow we end up tangling the sheets together.

Now I’m pregnant and don’t know how to tell him the news.

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Bad Boy Billionaire by Amie Knight

Bad Boy Billionaire by Amie Knight
Dear Ida,

Never in a million years did I think I’d turn to an advice column for help, but I’m stuck. Moving to New York is my dream come true, but the big city is a tough place to navigate for a small-town, southern girl like me. Luckily, fate sent me my very own knight in shining armor.

Only Whitaker Aldrich didn’t ride in on his white steed to save me. He picked me up on his Harley Davidson, wearing a leather jacket and sporting a cocky smirk that doesn’t bode well for my man free diet. He screams one-night stand.

But there’s so much more to him than that bad boy billionaire persona. He’s thoughtful and kind and his six-year-old son is his entire world.

That twinkle in his brilliant green eyes makes me weak in the knees and I’m terrified that I won’t be able to protect my already bruised heart. I should probably say no when he asks me to be his nanny, right?

Yeah, getting involved with Whit would be a huge mistake.

I should definitely say no. Maybe… Possibly?


Yours truly,

The Billionaire’s Babysitter

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Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues

Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues
The king and queen of romance–Jenna Watson and Lorenzo Morgan. The “dirty duo” that makes you swoon, gets you hot and then melts your heart with the happily ever after.

Two newbie authors, one sketchy Instagram DM, a few phone calls, a drunken live video plotting out our next best seller and then BOOM!

Trending and on the radar of every publishing company in the industry, we make it–together. A best seller list, two literary agents and we’re cruising by for the next year…until we don’t.

Writer’s block hits and Lorenzo and I are forced to finally spend a whole weekend alone together, face to face, retreating to a cabin in the woods all weekend to bang out our next big hit. I don’t think our agents wanted us to bang out each other but that’s what happens. Over and over again on every damn inch of that cabin. Turns out those sexy scenes that Lorenzo writes have nothing on his real moves.

One weekend and then we’ll go back to being work partners, except nothing is the same. It’ll never be the same.

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Bossy Billionaire by Chiquita Dennie

Bossy Billionaire (Cocky Hero Club) by Chiquita Dennie
Ethan West is a man of few words. He justifies nothing for no one. He’s determined to enter the political race in New York. Not even an astute and gorgeous woman as Maya Armstrong will stop him. A bitter ex-lover blows up his playboy lifestyle to the media and tries to ruin his chances with any woman that enters his life.

Maya’s reputation precedes her on and off the screen. As the host of Spotlight with Maya, it’s her job to take people to task and hold them accountable, but when billionaire banker turned candidate, Ethan West, sits on her proverbial couch, sparks fly in more ways than one.

They both try and prove the other wrong throughout the campaign, but a past ex’s and a one night stand may cause more drama than neither one wanted to see.

Find out what happens when two alpha personalities collide! Will their rift end his campaign, or will it be the beginning of something much, much bigger, like romance?

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Brainy Bartender by Natalie Ann

Add one hidden past. A dash of a pretend role. A shot of steamy chemistry. Put it in a shaker, then pour for one exotic cocktail on the rocks!

Wesley Templeton was determined to not follow in his namesake’s path as a Cardiac Surgeon. Was he smart enough for it? Of course, he was a genius after all. Did he have the time and patience to master the craft? Absolutely. Was he going to let his controlling grandfather hold his trust fund over his head until he achieved what was expected of him? Hell no!

Harper Fairchild was the redheaded stepchild. Literally. Smart, nerdy, picked on, and often thought of as an outcast. Her social life was a dismal as her family relationships, so she left when she could and made a new life somewhere else. Unfortunately she found it was hard to break the mold of what cast her as undesirable. Until she loses a bet with a coworker and has to be made-over for a blind date. When that turns into another disaster she escapes to a bar to nurse her emotional wounds, striking up a conversation with the sexy bartender and wondering if she could keep up the ruse of the confident sexy chick she was pretending to be.

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Brazen Bachelor by Dani Rene

Brazen Bachelor by Dani René
USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, brings you a steamy romance in the Cocky Hero World, inspired by New York Times Bestselling Authors, Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland’s original series.

I’m the next big thing… In more ways than one.

The moment I step foot off the plane, I had a feeling my life was going to change. It wasn’t the new contract I’d signed, and it certainly wasn’t the Big Apple that called to me, it was her. Shy and sweet, Violet Kennedy, captured my attention. But I’m far from what she expected to walk into her office.

I live by the moniker they’ve given me. Even though I’m nothing like the image they portray, I have a job to do, and that may be the reason I lose the woman of my dreams.

I may be the Brazen Bachelor, but for Violet, I would walk away from it all.

The only problem is, she believes the lie.

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Brazen Bossman by Emma Nichole

Brazen Bossman (Cocky Hero Club) by Emma Nichole
Dear Ida,

My boss is an egotistical, arrogant, cuff link wearing jerk!
I wanted nothing more than to throw my badge at his face and walk out the door.
But then he kissed me… and I kissed him back…
To make matters worse, I think I liked it.
To make matters the WORST, I’m seeing someone else… kind of.
Maybe I should just leave town and change my name to spare myself the embarrassment?
Stop me now before I do it. Please.

Royally Screwed in the City,


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Cocky Catcher by Chiquita Dennie

Cocky Catcher (Cocky Hero Club) by Chiquita Dennie
Gage Young is the hottest baseball player in the league. This Billionaire Catcher can lead the team to the World Series and win daddy of the year, but he can’t capture the heart, mind, and body of Nina Mitchell.

Nina’s dealing with more than an arrogant baseball player who’s used to running the show. Her family’s business is under pressure to sell out and make room for another mall. Come to find out; Gage Young has a stake in the deal. He talks with old friends Tig and Delia for advice.

Can these headstrong players let regulations slide? Or will rules get in the way of new love?

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Cocky Contender by JM Kelley

Cocky Contender (Cocky Hero Club) by J.M. Kelley
I’ve been throwing punches since I was old enough to remember.

They call me The Lion; a sexy, tattooed beast in the cage.

I gave it all up after my brother’s accident. Now I’m trying to figure a way to save my family’s legacy, at the same time, mend my broken heart.

I’ve been in love with my friend Soraya since the ninth grade. Too bad she’s in love with someone else. I even have a broken jaw to prove it.

My life is a mess. Until a smoking hot, little firecracker with a zesty attitude walks into my gym and turns everything upside down.

She’s got secrets; someone she’s hiding from, and I’m going to find out who.

I won’t let her run anymore. I’ll show her she’s worth the fight.

I must pull off the biggest win of my life.
I’m ready to battle in and out of the octagon for her.

I’m ready to save my family’s livelihood and win the woman of my dreams.
I’m ready to battle for my destiny.

Don’t think you know how this fight is going to turn out.

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Cocky Corporal by April Canavan

Cocky Corporal by April Canavan Ebook Cover
Corporal Cole Morgan is a cocky jerk.
He may have everyone else fooled, but I know better.
After my sister died, I was left to sort out her affairs and pick up the pieces.
30 days and then I’m on a one-way trip back to our hometown.
Back to my perfectly planned life.
Back to what family I have left.
Everything was going according to plan, too.
Until Cole, with his stupid green eyes, perfect hair and ridiculous good looks, ruined everything.
Including my panties.
One little fling won’t hurt anything … will it?

Casper Davis is a pain in my ass.
I take one wrong turn, ending up with a head injury and an inconvenient little case of amnesia.
All of a sudden, I can’t report for my next duty station for 30 days.
That’s fine, I’m going to make it a month well spent.
Visiting my grandmother, since she feeds me.
Berating my business-savvy cousin, because why should I have to suffer alone?
My dirty little secret? I’ve upped my Peeping Tom game, spending every night watching the girl next door.
She’s accident-prone, annoying, and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Casper might have brought me to my knees, but there’s no chance I’ll stay there.
There’s only one thing more dangerous than the chemistry we have together.
A secret that, if exposed, could burn everything around us to the ground.

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Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco

Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco
It was just a typical manic Monday until the blue and red lights flashed behind my Harley. The cop who pulled me over was good-looking, if you’re into clean cut guys with expressive eyes. He was also cocky and gave me three tickets.

One for speeding.

Another for blowing a light.

And the third for not producing an insurance card.


When he finally let me go, I realized I was more than an hour late for my first day as an intern for the infamous advice column, Ask Ida.

So much for trying to be the only one in my family with a legit job.

Lucky for me, my new boss, Soraya, didn’t fire me on the spot. But that’s where my luck ran out.

A couple of weeks later, in between fetching coffee and finding the missing paperclips, I received a text message from my dad, the president of the Corrupt Hellraisers MC, ordering me to the compound.

Yeah, try explaining that to your new boss.

Hey, I’ve gotta go. Everyone in my family is a criminal and we’re all on lockdown.

You’re fired.

Sure enough when I arrived at the clubhouse, everyone was in cuffs and the jerk who pulled me over was the one ushering my father out of the clubhouse.

They say you never see the bad guys coming.

Well, I didn’t see the cocky jerk coming either.

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Cocky Savior by Jane Blythe

Cocky Savior by Jane Blythe
Florence Harris thought if she ever fell in love it would be with someone sweet, dependable, boring.
Turns out she likes arrogant, annoying, ego so big it wouldn’t fit in the ocean Eli Lennox.
Just because he saved her life he thinks it gives him permission to meddle in it. He’s determined to save her from herself.
Problem is she thinks she’s beyond saving.

She’s beautiful, intelligent, and the sexiest woman Eli had ever laid eyes on, and she turns him down flat when he asks her out.
That doesn’t happen to him often.
Or ever.
And it makes him determined to prove to her she’s worth every ounce of effort he’s going to put into winning her heart.
Eli Lennox always gets what he wants.

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Cocky Suit by Harlow Layne

Cocky Suit (Cocky Hero Club) by Harlow Layne
Sexy. Demanding. Cocky.

All words I would use to describe Kingston Avery.
The owner of Avery Capital Holdings— and my new boss.

It was tempting enough working together everyday, but ignoring his wicked promises under his roof was impossible.

But the company had a zero fraternization policy, and things were already complicated enough.

I needed to focus on doing my job.
And avoid doing my boss.

Kingston wasn’t just another suit…
He was a cocky suit.
And when the suit came off,
He was a man who could steal my heart.

Gorgeous. Attentive. Compassionate.

I just hope it didn’t cost me my career.

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Devious Wingman by Casey Hagen

Devious Wingman by Casey Hagen
Well, if it isn’t Falcon Malone.
In the panty-dropping flesh.
My older brother’s best friend and subject of my every teenage fantasy.
He taught me how to kiss.
Then he walked away.
I tried to keep him buried in the past, but he’s been in every kiss since.
Tethering me to unattainable dreams.
Well, he might have taught me how to kiss, but now I’m going to teach him how to… well, you get the idea.
I’ll tempt fate, tantalize Falcon, and resurrect a fierce hunger between the two of us.
And then I’ll be the one to walk away.

I left my best friend’s little sister, Emory Brooks planted firmly in my past.
Or so I’d thought.
Those pink girl-next-door lips of hers belonged in our sleepy hometown where I couldn’t reach them.
I’d taught her how to kiss…specifically, how to kiss me.
Then I’d left.
She deserved better than my tattered soul.
Now she’s here. All grown up. In my neighborhood. In my pub.
And the subject of my friend’s desire.
My job…charm the ladies while my man goes for the prize.
But not when the prize is Emory. He can have anyone else…but never her.
I’m the wingman… and I’m about to go rogue.

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Eligible Ex-husband by Marie Johnston

Eligible Ex-husband by Marie Johnston
The man in the magazine spread, the one dubbed the most eligible bachelor, is my ex-husband.

Six months ago, Simon’s company was never more successful, just like our marriage was never emptier. I was a stay-at-home mom with a sugar daddy who had no time to pass the sugar or be a daddy. I asked for a divorce and he let me go, just like that.

Now I’m mending my broken heart and finding myself while being a strong role model for our girls. But when my mom gets sick, I need help, and he’s there like a superhero in a tailored suit. And when my mom recovers, he’s still there, doing grocery runs and braiding our girls’ hair.

I don’t want to hang my hopes on my workaholic ex just because he’s suddenly wearing basketball shorts instead of designer threads, or because he’s giving me that look that melted my heart in college.

Chemistry was never our problem. I don’t want to trust that he’s changed only find out that once again I’m not worth fighting for. He needs to prove that he’ll be as ruthless about us as he is in the boardroom.

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Goodbye Guy by Jodi Watters

Goodbye Guy by Jodi Watters
He’s back. Jameson Maine.
The boy I used to love.
The man I love to hate. Hate like it’s a hobby. Like it’s my job.
Ironic, since love is my profession.
But with the passage of time, I’ve finally healed. Repaired the broken parts his betrayal shattered inside me, and silenced the haunting memories of what he took from me.
What he made me give up.

She’s still here. Chloe Morgan.
The girl I left behind.
The woman I can’t let go of. No matter how many miles. No matter how much time.
Annoying, since love is my nemesis.
But with the death of my father, I’m forced home. To finally face the ramshackle remains of my family’s estate, and the lying woman who broke my heart and ruined me for life.
Who’s ready to do so again.

Tears were shed, lies were spread, and secrets were kept that fateful summer ten years ago. But no longer. Now exposed, those skeletons rock our worlds all over again. But two things remain the same…
And hate.

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Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss

Holden Whittaker broke my heart when I was eighteen. What kind of guy stands up his prom date and leaves her hanging, waiting for him to show up? A total jerk, that’s who.

Never mind. I left my tiny nowhere town and moved to New York to follow my dream of becoming an actress.

Ten years later, my dream hasn’t happened, and I’m working as the office supply girl at Morgan Financial Holdings, doing my best to keep my paycheck and not get fired by the world’s most terrifying boss. Life couldn’t get much worse, until I get stuck in an elevator and guess who comes to rescue me? In a city of eight million people, it’s Holden.

Turns out he’s moved to New York, too, to be an EMT. I don’t want to see my teenage nemesis as one of the good guys, but he’s out saving lives every day, and he’s still gorgeous and cocky. I could fall for him all over again, and that’s a problem. Because it’s only a matter of time before Holden crushes me again.

My hometown heartbreaker isn’t the guy I left behind anymore. If I could stop hating him, I might belong with him. The question is, which one of us will get hurt first?

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Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks

Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks
Rich Ruthless Bastards, Book One

A past shrouded in secrets.
Memories tainted by lies.

One look and Ford Hammersmith was mesmerized,
Haunted by amethyst eyes.
Obsessed with a woman he doesn’t remember… yet can’t forget.
The mysterious Callie Rose holds the secrets to his past,
The key to his future happiness.

His soul ravaged by the echo of love lost,
The heartless bastard will stop at nothing to reclaim her heart.
A cruel twist of fate brought them back together,
Will a decade of pain and betrayal keep them apart?

Heartless Bastard is a complete story with HEA and no cliffhanger

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Heartless Havoc by J.L. Leslie

Heartless Havoc by J.L. Leslie
I have been called arrogant. Ruthless. Heartless. I don’t consider those characteristics to be insults. If I am arrogant, ruthless, and heartless, then people cower down. I make my own rules and call all the shots. I suppose that’s why people opt to call me by my last name.


It’s very fitting for me. I wreak havoc on anyone who gets in my way. Right now, that person is a beautiful redhead who refuses to play by my rules. Doesn’t she know I’m the only one who’s allowed to break them?

She came out of nowhere. Hit me a like a freight train. Now, she’s the one causing havoc in my life. Destroying everything I have worked for. Taking pieces of me I wasn’t aware I had to give.

They call me arrogant. Ruthless. Heartless. I guess I’ll have to show her exactly how heartless I can be. What kind of havoc I can wreak on her life.

Before she completely ruins me.

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Heartless Hunk by Ann Omasta

Heartless Hunk by Ann Omasta
She’s a successful young widow living in New York City.
He’s the most hated man in Manhattan.
Their lives are destined to intertwine.

Violet Markle built a marvelous life in the city with her husband. After his sudden death, she is left alone to try to pick up the pieces and move on.

Oliver Adams is a notorious player. After his stint on the hit reality television show, Hot Hunks, he became widely known as the Heartless Hunk.

Vi needs to make a trip to her small hometown in Maine, but she doesn’t want to face the looks of pity on the faces of her family and friends.

Oliver needs a break away from the constant scrutiny and hate-filled gazes he receives in the city.

Vi’s best friend, Soraya, devises a plan that can help both Vi and Oliver, but she doesn’t know the devastating secret that is bubbling just beneath the surface between them.

What happens next will change their lives forever.

Will Violet and Oliver be able to embrace love and help each other heal, or will the truth destroy them? Find out now in Heartless Hunk.

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Hoax Husband by Candice Wright

Hoax Husband by Candice Wright
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Well, except for when it doesn’t.

And while for Linda Carter, that was a night she will never forget…

For Asher Sloan, it was a night he couldn’t remember.

A year later, their paths cross once more.

Their chemistry is still combustible

But Linda has learned her lesson when it comes to Asher all too well, and she doesn’t plan on getting burned again.

Refusing to take no for an answer, Asher comes up with a solution: a three-month deal where they can both get what they want.

Confident, Asher knows how to wear his opponent down, in both the boardroom and the bedroom

But when his true motives come to light

Asher stands to lose everything he never knew he wanted

And if he fails to remind Linda of all the reasons why she should stay,

He’ll be the one to become nothing more than a hazy memory.

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Mister Manhattan by Alexandria Sure

Mister Manhattan by Alexandria Sure
My Thursday afternoon meeting was a no show. Imagine my surprise when a drenched, flustered brunette slipped into the booth across from me, acting like she was supposed to be there.

When she slipped back out with a snappy goodbye, I never thought I’d see her again.

Until I walked into my Friday morning meeting.

At first, I didn’t recognize her—she was dry this time. But from the look on her face, she recognized me.

When she gave the worst pitch I’ve ever sat through, I thought my boss, and mentor, was going to show her the door—except he accepts the proposal and tells me we have to work together.

I didn’t anticipate I would like her, let alone be interested in her. Sure, she was hot and sassy.

But something about her rubbed me the wrong way.

And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

So, when she leaves the room and her phone chimes with a new text, I knew I wasn’t supposed to look.

I also knew I wasn’t supposed to cancel her date for later that evening.

And I definitely knew I wasn’t supposed to delete the entire exchange, so she had no idea what I’d done.

But I did. And then I showed up at the restaurant, pretending like this was all a big coincidence.

When the date is over, I want more. I need more.

We start pretend-dating because she needs practice, and I tell myself, New York’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, that this is just a bit of fun.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Omega Artist by Hope Irving

Omega Artist by Hope Irving
I lured and tricked Tig into a random hookup on social media.
He has no clue he’s anything but random to me.
He has no clue we’ll play by my rules.
He has no clue I’ll seduce him, then dump him because he deserves it.

I refuse to allow manwhores like Tig de Luca to be praised and called Don Juan for collecting women, while I’m labeled as easy for test-driving the countless suitors selected by my old-fashioned father.
I am a woman-empowering French influencer, and I’ll teach the once famous tattoo artist a lesson. It’s risk-free after all; I’m not into cocky alphas and crave a genuine connection.

I didn’t expect the game to quickly escalate into steamy, intriguing, and witty conversations.
I didn’t expect our undeniable virtual chemistry to transfer to real life.
I didn’t expect to unearth the real man beneath the surface and guarded attitude. A widower who erected barriers to protect his wounded heart. A lonely thirty-something who’s not the monster I believed him to be. An omega artist who’s not my type, but that I share some unlikely affinities with.
Still, we both want something casual that doesn’t require a label. I can’t let our infuriating attraction and astonishing compatibility overrule common sense. I’m on a mission after all.
All good things must come to an end, right?
Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

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Powerful Bastard by Z.N. Willett

Powerful Bastard by ZN Willett


“Excuse me, sir, I know this sounds strange, but can I buy that bagel from you?”
I didn’t know at the time that one simple question would change my life irrevocably.
Not to mention the tall, dark, and handsome stranger that came with it.
As a struggling musician in New York, I’d take all the help I could get.
But I wondered at what price? Because, as handsome and powerful as Bentley Schilling was, he was still a bastard.


I’d never forget the day Melody Dumas approached me in that bagel shop.
I sure as hell didn’t plan to offer her assistance. But when she flashed those deep brown eyes, she could get any man to do her bidding.
The streets of New York were not an easy road—one must earn their way. But this beauty was different. She needed to be on a stage, not singing on a street corner.
I had the power to help her make beautiful music.
Question was . . . what was in it for me?

Powerful Bastard is a witty, sexy love story about a free-spirited musician who just might bring a Manhattan powerhouse to his knees.

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Reckless Rebel by T.C. Matson

Reckless Rebel by T.C. Matson
Trusting others means taking risks, and that’s hard for me to do.
I mean, when your mother abandons you as a child, you’re left with scars.

I’m not reckless.
I’m not wild.
I play by the rules.
It’s safer that way.

Or so I thought…

Catching my boyfriend cheating on me confirmed every reason I’d kept my heart guarded.
But being kissed by a sexy-as-sin stranger in front of him proved how little I was in control.
It was passionate, electric, and it rocked me to my core.
He stole my breath but replaced it with anger.
I stormed away without so much as a name exchange.

When our paths cross again unexpectantly, he refuses to let me go this time.
He inserts himself into my life so much, he becomes hard to ignore.
He makes me feel alive and pushes my limits.
He’s everything I’m not.

But he’s hiding something. And those secrets threaten to shatter me right along with the trust I’ve started granting him.

I’m a tattoo artist. My life is fast, hard, and exciting. Just the way I like it.

I’m reckless.
I’m wild.
I’m a rebel.
I live life on the edge.

My life was a revolving door of fun and women until a jaw-dropping beauty caught her man cheating on her.
All I could think about was making sure he realized his mistake…and rubbing it in his face.
I laid a kiss on her to rival all others.
But I wasn’t prepared for the kiss to knock me to my knees as she stormed off without giving me her name.

When I run into her again a few weeks later, I’m determined not to let her go.
The more I get to know her, the more I want her.
And the more she’s around, the more she realizes I come with secrets.
Ones I share with no one. Ever.

Her trust issues won’t allow me to keep things to myself.
It’s either bare my secrets or risk losing the only thing that makes me truly happy.

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Reckless Romeo by Sienna Snow

Reckless Romeo (Cocky Hero Club) by Sienna Snow
Gorgeous, loyal, poised, and all grown up.
Riya Guiliani had been a thorn in my side since we were kids, it seemed not much had changed.
Except for the fact, she was known in influential circles as “the fixer,” and she was back in NYC to clean up a mess.
Who cared that I was a little reckless?
I hadn’t turned my father’s million-dollar company into a billion-dollar empire by doing what was expected of me.
But sometimes the unexpected was exactly what we needed.
And I needed her in a way I never saw coming…

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Reckless Suit by Alexia Chase

Reckless Suit (Cocky Hero Club) by Alexia Chase
Can a divorced man find love with a much younger woman?

Damon Macklin

He’s been divorced for years and is preparing for his oldest child’s wedding when a beautiful young woman runs into him in the resort lobby.

He’s much too old for her, but when his daughter, Karissa, decides – once again – it’s time for him to “make nice” with his ex-wife, he tells her that he’s dating someone. Which someone? He uses the name of the woman he ran into at the front desk.

Chloe Morgan

She’s hiding out at a Lake Tahoe resort for the weekend after catching her boyfriend and cousin in an intimate act. Her best friend, Dalilah Knight, pays for her reservation and all she must do is pretend to be her friend for the weekend. Simple? Wrong.

What happens when two people, who shouldn’t have anything in common, get thrown together for a weekend at a five-star resort?

Will Chloe help Damon out when he gets caught in his lie? How long can they keep their hands off each other while pretending to be a couple?

Do Chloe’s parents know where she is? Will Chloe ever tell Damon her name?

What happens in Tahoe, stays in Tahoe. Not always.

What if Damon and Chloe have a lot more in common than they think? Manhattan here we come.

Can they work past their miscommunications and fears?

This story is filled with twists, turns, ups and downs. By the time you’re done, you’re going to feel like you just stepped off a roller coaster ride.

Buckle up, Baby!

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Rockstar Romeo by Abbie Zanders

Rockstar Romeo by Abbie Zanders
After nearly two decades in the rock and roll business, Jace Logan has seen and done it all. It’s been a long time since someone told him no regarding anything. Until her. She’s different. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and oddly familiar, but he can’t figure out why. When she shuts him down, she only makes herself that much more intriguing and he’s determined to find out more. What he discovers leaves him reeling.

Eva D’Agolino is a single, successful working mother of twin boys, but she wasn’t always a paragon of corporate responsibility. Once a part of the rock and roll life herself, she traded in the glitz and glamour for her kids. These days, she prefers to live and work behind the curtain instead of center stage.

Denying Jace completely proves impossible, but she’s no fool. She’s already been down that road and knows how the song ends.
Can Jace convince Eva that he’s nothing like her ex, and that theirs is truly a love song for the ages?

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Royal Pain by Leslie Pike

Royal Pain by Leslie Pike
The only thing harder than being a royal? Falling in love with one.


As a political blogger living in Manhattan, I have no time to date. My few free hours are spent with best friend Soraya, and her husband Graham. Love has no place in this equation.

Then Prince Zan walks into the coffee shop. He’s confident and different from other men, making it clear from our first conversation royal lineage won’t stand in his way.

I know better than to be carried away by green eyes and soft lips.

But if that’s the case, how did I end up in his bed?


My dark past is a nightmare I can’t escape from. It was anything but easy to become a royal.

Then I met Belinda. She might be a commoner, but there’s nothing at all common about this woman. One look is all it takes. Maybe if I bring her to my homeland she’ll be under its spell too.

But the differences between our two worlds seem impossible to overcome. I refuse to ignore my duty and passion for my people, and Belinda won’t abandon her career.

The right woman or destiny? Whatever it takes, I’m determined to have both.


Royal Pain is another steamy edition to the Cocky Hero Club series by author Leslie Pike. Opposites attract in this royal romance of choosing between love and duty. Follow your heart by devouring this passionate love story today!

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Ruthless Renovator by Paisleigh Aumack

Ruthless Renovator by Paisleigh Aumack
I made my career on my own terms and ended it at the top of my game.

Retirement should have been easy except the one person always in my corner walked away, taking my heart with him.
The opportunity to host a satellite radio show gave me a new lease on life and everything was great…until I was forced to interview a ghost from the past.

I guess what they say is true…some ghosts are meant to haunt you.

He was always my ultimate dream but instead he became my devastating heartbreak. With his interview over, I was ready to move on with my life.

However, he had other plans.

While his focus was getting reacquainted in a way he said was meant to be, I just wanted him and the memories he brought gone.

He challenged me. I built up my walls—my heart was closed to him—but I forgot he was ruthless in the pursuit of what he wanted.

They say there is a fine line between love and hate and I skated it until I couldn’t fight it anymore.

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Secret Keeper by Christopher Harlan

Secret Keeper by Christopher Harlan
She was the fruit of a forbidden tree, but nothing in this world was going to stop me from tasting her.
My name is Dylan Murphy, and I work for the rich and powerful of an exclusive Manhattan building. Graham Morgan was my first boss, but soon after I was working with some of the most famous entrepreneurs, business moguls, and movie stars in the city. They trusted me because I always followed the cardinal rules:
Never betray secrets. And never, under any circumstance, get personally involved.
I’d never dreamed of violating my professional mantra.
Not until she walked past me.
The look we exchanged that night set my body on fire, and I knew right then and there that no matter the consequences, she was going to be mine. But she was one of them—off limits and out of my league, but she was the kind of woman who I was willing to risk everything for.
I keep other people’s secrets for a living, but the biggest secret of all might be my own.

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Sexy Savior by Kayt Miller

Sexy Savior by Kayt Miller
Ben Schilling hasn’t always been a superhero; it just sort of happened one day as he walked home from the subway. Since then, he’s found himself doing good deeds whenever necessary. Sometimes he sees an opportunity to help, like walking an old woman across a busy intersection, while other times, like the time he attempted to save that woman from falling into traffic.
Okay, that’s not a great example because that woman didn’t get it. She punched him for his trouble. Some people just don’t understand.

Allison Kirby doesn’t need anyone’s help. So, when some jerk tries to help her get her stiletto unstuck from the grate in the sidewalk, she did what any self-respecting woman would do—she decked him. Twice. And wow, it felt good.

When the two end up working together, sparks fly, but not necessarily the good kind.

For Allison, Ben helps her see that there are true superheroes in the world while Ben realizes that not everyone needs rescuing––sometimes all we need is love.

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Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix

Sexy Suit by JH Croix
When I met Ryan, I might’ve been trying to break into his basement.

It was for a good cause. I swear. Also, my dog broke in first.

Ryan Blake is jaw-dropping handsome, wealthy & cocky. Not quite my type. By some miracle, he doesn’t call the police on me when he catches me trying to rescue my dog. He even fetches a doctor for me. Don’t ask why.

I don’t figure I’ll see him again. Then, I do. Then, he kisses me. Once. Twice. Is three times the charm? To be honest, I swooned at the first kiss.

All swooning aside, we are seriously opposites. I wear cowboy boots and skirts. He wears suits and ties. He’s all New York City. I’m a Southern girl looking for a new start. We even talk at different speeds.

The list of things I don’t expect from Ryan is long. I don’t expect him to think twice about me. I don’t expect him to nearly bring me to my knees with a look. I don’t expect him to be so much more than I ever imagined.

I absolutely don’t expect to fall for him. So hard I’m skidding sideways just to catch my balance.

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Shameless Bastard by J. Haney

Temping sucks, especially when you have a shopping addiction.
I started at Seemore Temps when my dreams were shattered and I needed something to pay the bills.
At Seemore Temps they pride themselves on the three B’s. Beauty, Brains, and Bounty.
They supply the mostly male-driven businesses of Manhattan with able women that can do the job, and look good too.
Needless to say, we’re a popular Agency.
Working for Mason Chase should have been easy. He was married, kind and a bit of a flirt, but pretty harmless.
Not like James Murtaugh or the Shameless Bastard as I’ve come to call him.
He’s the ruthless, arrogant CEO of Renowned Investment Financial, and he’s set his eyes on… me.
He can have any woman he wants and will go to great lengths to have them.
I need this job, but I want, Christ, what do I want? Do I give in? Let him conquer me like some Emperor?
Or do I stay in my place and collect the paycheck? We shall see, either way, it’s gonna be interesting.
All good things must come to an end, right?
Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

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Stuck-Up Big Shot by Sierra Hill

The last thing I expected on the first day of my dog sitting job was a middle-of-the-night fire alarm.

Things go from chaotic to scorching hot when I run into my old crush, Miles Thatcher, on my way out of the building.

Talk about disastrous timing.
I haven’t seen him in years – seven to be exact.
Since the day we buried his sister – my best friend.
That was both the best and worst day of my life.
It was also the day Miles kissed me – and promptly forgot about me.

Some things never change. He still has no clue who I am.

Miles is no longer the boy I fell in love with.

Now he’s just a stuck-up big shot with a big bank account and bigger ego.

I wish I didn’t still have feelings for him but seeing him again only makes me want him more.

If only Miles would finally ‘see’ me.

A lot can happen in seven years, but time hasn’t erased the guilt he carries.

Underneath his fancy façade is a man who can’t get over the grief of losing his baby sister… or the regret of not being able to prevent it.

And I’m just the girl who can’t get over him.

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Tattooed Troublemaker by Elise Faber

Tattooed Troublemaker by Elise Faber
I hated him.

From the moment I walked into Tig’s Tattoo and Piercing I’d hated him.

Garret was beautiful—because that was the way that fate worked and also because if I’d had anything in my life, it was bad luck. Still, with his derisive green eyes, tats peeking out from beneath the edges of his sleeves, and the scruff on his jaw, he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen in my life.

He also seemed to delight in disrupting my life.

I was there to fix a few pipes; he was there as a guest artist. I was there to do a job, he seemed to take pleasure in upsetting mine.

I was a grown up.

He was a tattooed troublemaker.

This was not going to end well.

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Tough Customer by Erin St. Charles

Tough Customer (Cocky Hero Club) by Erin St. Charles
Dear Ida,
The arrogant man at the dry cleaners made my bad day worse.
So, the last thing I expected was for him to offer me a job.
I shouldn’t have accepted—not if I wanted to maintain my sanity.
But the allure of a big paycheck overpowered my reservations.
Now, I know he’s just as infuriating as a boss as he was the first day we met; yet, the sparks that fly between us are far more than on a professional level.
The more time I spend with him, helping him secure investors for his new restaurant chain, the harder it is to ignore the attraction between us.
Playing with fire, you’re bound to get burned.
And this man has seared himself into my soul.
Tell me, Ida, is there hope for our future, or is it impossible to really please this Tough Customer?

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Wicked Bedmate by Jenika Snow

Wicked Bedmate (Cocky Hero Club) by Jenika Snow
Getting fired and humiliated in front of everyone at my newly acquired secretarial job at Morgan Financial Holdings wasn’t how I’d seen my day going.

And then chaos—or maybe luck—ensured.

I was set up on a blind date, shocked that my former boss was giving me a month’s severance, and had the perfect interview lined up.

Maybe things were looking up for me after all.

And although finding a man should have been on the bottom of my to-to list, I couldn’t get Jason—the uber sexy blind date—out of my head. Sexy and confident—or maybe arrogant—he had me yearning for more with just a smoldering look and a smirk of his lips.

But when a night of drinking leads to getting in bed with him and having the wildest, most intense night of my life, I didn’t know if I should ask to see him again, or do the good old walk of shame.

And it’s when I walk into my interview the next day and come face-to-face with my prospective employer that the reality of my situation sinks in.

Because there, sitting across from me with that devilish smile on his face, that knowing expression of what we’d done the night before, is the one and only Jason, my supposedly one-night stand.

Looked like my humiliation wasn’t over just yet.

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Cocky Gamer by Lauren Helms

Cocky Gamer (Cocky Hero Club) by Lauren Helms
Coming 2021 in the Cocky Hero Club Series!

Ben Ford is good at what he does but his days as a professional gamer are numbered.

His entire pro-team is moving on and now it’s time for Ben to do the same but when a short gig for a voice-over brings this Chicago native to California he finds a little more than what he bargained for.

A chance meeting on the beaches of Hermosa soon has Ben falling head over lust for the animal-loving, wave crushing woman.

Kelly Spencer is stuck in a job she hates and with a dating life as dull as the last series of dates she’s been on.

With her prospects looking bleaker by the day, she throws caution to the wind in both her personal and professional life.

Long-distance love with a cocky gamer was never on her radar but Ben is flirty and fun – plus their chemistry together is off the charts.

When a huge career opportunity threatens to put even more miles between them, Kelly may just have to let go of the one guy who’s found a way inside her heart.

Ben may have let her go then but when a last-minute offer comes in that will land him right where his heart wants to be, he takes and vows that this time – he’ll prove to Kelly that they’re meant to be.

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Rogue Suit by Crystal Perkins

Rogue Suit by Crystal Perkins
I’ve run this office effortlessly for five years, just waiting for my boss to retire and recommend me for his job. Now, the time has come, but my future is no longer guaranteed. All because of him.

Royce Shaw. A pretentious name for a rule-breaking jerk. He’s here to challenge me for the job that should be mine, yet he treats it like a joke. No tie, no regard for appointments, and no idea that I want him as much as I want to hate him.

What’s a guy to do when an injury ends his basketball career early? If you’re me, you fall back on the business degree your father insisted on. I don’t want this job he’s pulled strings to give me a chance at. At least, not until I meet her…

*Rogue Suit is an enemies to lovers/office romance

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Tormented Bastard by Eliza Peake

Tormented Bastard by Eliza Peake

I’m organizing New York’s biggest charity event of the year. But when the keynote speaker drops out, the success of my business hangs in the balance.

There’s one man who can help me. And no, I’m not above flying to the middle of nowhere to plead with the baseball legend in hiding.

All I need is a yes.

I didn’t expect his hostility. I didn’t expect a hurricane to trap me alone with him. And I didn’t expect to find that he still owns my heart after all this time.


I left New York two years ago with my life and superstar career in shambles. All I want is solitude and peace to heal and start a new business, a new life, a new me.

Then Eden shows up, asking for the impossible. If I could say yes, I would. She doesn’t know the whole truth about my downfall. And I don’t want her to know.

To save us both, I will have to remind her I’m the bastard who hurts the ones he loves.
Expected publication – May 9th

*Tormented Bastard is a second chance/sports romance inspired by Cocky Bastard & Stuck-Up Suit.

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