Books from the Paranormal Prison Series

Feb 232020
books from the paranormal prison series (2)

Books from the Paranormal Prison Series

Below is the current list of books that have been listed as part of the world created by the authors that take part of this Paranormal World.

So far, here are the cover reveals. Click on each photo for the book you are interested in, or click them all!!!

Reading order or details for where to start on the Prison Series:

Siren Condemned by C.R. Jane and Mila Young (start of new series) – Reverse Harem, no MM

Delinquent Demons by K. Webster (stand-alone) – Reverse Harem, no MM

Conveniently Convicted by Raven Kennedy and Ivy Asher (stand-alone) – MF

Noir Reformatory by Jen Thorn and Lexi C Foss (start of new series, can be read as stand-alone) РM̩nage, with MM

Blindly Indicted by Katie May (stand-alone) – Reverse Harem, no MM

Stolen Song by Autumn Reed and Ripley Proserpina (stand-alone) – Reverse Harem, no MM

Prison Princess by CoraLee June and Rebecca Royce (stand-alone) – MF

Succubus Chained by Heather Long (first in series) – Reverse Harem
Succubus Unchained by Heather Long – Book 2

Wraith’s Captive by Lacey Carter Anderson (first in series) – Reverse Harem, no MM

Dark Supernaturals’ Series

Thief of Hearts Series


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