Book Review Wrong For Me By Meagan Brandy

Jun 072021

WRONG FOR ME by Meagan Brandy

They say to keep your enemies close, but they never had to deal with the likes of Alec Daniels, the broody bad boy next door who loved to make my life a living nightmare…up until the day he disappeared.
See, Alec was a thief.
He stole my happy.
My sanity.
My first kiss.
I told myself I was glad the day he went away, and I’m reminded of why not five minutes after his sudden and unexpected return.
Now he stands before me with a heavy glare and hard body.
But those greedy green eyes, they’re darker than I remember, and brimming with a secret…
A secret I didn’t discover until it was far too late.
Because this time, he didn’t steal a simple kiss.
This time… Alec Daniels stole my all.
*Wrong for Me is a full-length standalone with no cliffhanger and an HEA. Previously titled The Wrong Blaze, this is the same epic love story with a fresh new look and title!

This is one of the books I have kept for me to read when I couldn’t find anything to catch my eye. I knew I would enjoy it so this was my main reason to delay.

Of course I loved it. Meagan Brandy writes books I love and enjoy with characters so powerful that resonates to me. Her heroes love so deeply that you can’t help but share their emotions. You feel deep in your bones the desperation of a man that can’t leave with the love of his life.

This book was previously known as The Wrong Blaze so only the name and the cover has changed.

Wrong For Me is a standalone and will make you fall in love but cut you deep when secrets come out. Typically to Meagan Brandy if you’ve read her before.

Alec Daniels has been in love with Oakley since they were kids, but she had her eyes on his brother. The fact that Alec knew with his whole being that she was meant for him, he waited and watched her every move. Oakley is now grown up and Alec comes back. But he is older too and with more secrets she is ready to face.

There is a scene people might say it’s not for them.. I won’t give spoilers but from my point of view there is no cheating… just circumstances that might seem so.

If you have questions, hit me up a message and I ll reply in detail.

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