Book Review Wrath of The Gods by Jaymin Eve

Aug 282020

Wrath of The Gods (The Titan’s Saga #2) by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone


Maisey thought the worst thing to happen to her was Insta shaming or a midnight shift at the Crab Shack. Until she got dragged into the world of the gods.

Or more specifically, the world of one very annoying, bad at sarcasm, sex on legs, Titan.

Cronus was everything she never knew she wanted, or needed, in her life. And then he just left.

Left her alone, with no idea what’s happening to the world, what’s happening with the sins.

Only someone miscalculated. Whether it was Cronus or the fates, there’s no way they can do this without Maisey.

Turns out, she’s the most important piece

After the first book and it’s brutal ending, that I might have suspected a bit, Cronus is now again, in Maisy’s life.
But she is sort of the help he needs to complete his journey and resurrect the rest of his family to try and contain the sins.
I love that the story is interesting and although I start to get a bit annoyed by all the hashtags, Maisy is something else. But not Cronus. Nope, this supernatural being wants her and she is starting to figure out just how much she is loved.
But Maisy cannot forgive that easily being left behind.
I seriously think that book 2 was enough for the series to be finished, but the authors have other things in mind and the story goes on.
Binge read your story now. #GoTitans

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