Book Review Untamed by E.M. Moore

Apr 142021

Untamed (Rejected Mate Academy Book 1) by E. M. Moore

Welcome to the school for shifter rejects…



Cast away by their mate, the renounced are directed to attend university together by the Pack Council to salvage what’s left of their shattered lives. The objective? Reform, impress, or get the hell out.

There’s no room in the packs for wolves who don’t conform. Who can’t breed future heirs.

With living feral, a.k.a. certain death, as the only alternative, the rejects need to win back their true mate—or find an appropriate alternative—before they’re banished from the packs forever.

The Rejected Mate Academy series is an M/F wolf shifter romance. The first book, Untamed, will more than likely release sooner than the current pre-order date. For news and announcements on this series, please join E. M. Moore’s Facebook group or subscribe to her newsletter.

I got this baby after I saw that the author confirmed it was a standalone with interconnected couples along the series. It is quite the buzz lately with the rejected mate trope and it’s one I have previously searched for.

Kinsey is rejected by her mate because she was a cast out in  her pack. She avoided dealing with anything and preferred to isolate herself due to mean gossip and the others judging her based on some rumors.

In their world there is an Academy for rejected mates who attend there after being rejected. There they are reformed.. ha.. taught how to win their mates back.

Kinsey is mad at the world and hurt by Jonah rejecting her. Luckily Fate chose a good mate for her and they manage to form a connection.

So yes, this is a rejected mate that has HEA.

I can’t wait to read the others in this series because the book has unique stuff going on and I truly got invested.

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